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  1. Thanks for the tip Ria. It will be lovley to see other peoples birdies I am attending the 1st seminar and I am really looking forward to it
  2. I got myu tickets yesterday so I am looking forward to going as I couldn't make it last year. Although I have a feeling my bank card will be worn out by the time I leave
  3. I am really sorry to hear this. Poor Alf, fly free you beautiful boy
  4. Hi What type of bird is Jeremy it would help to know this to suggest a smaller cage to get for him. I dont know about using a dog crate as I dont know what they are made of, be careful of any coatings that may be applied as well.
  5. Minkee the budgie is in love with Keekee the Hahns and is always feeding her she doesnt mind though free food and preening is all good to her Other than that he is in love with the remote control
  6. I have 2 smaller cages which they parrots travel in for the vet. Minkee goes in his own cage When we go away in the motorhome they travel in their own cages though. All of them love it Keekee gets very excited and she loves looking out of the window of the car/motorhome. Minkee just chats away to himself We havent taken Alfie away with us yet but he did the vet run with no problems so I think he will be fine when we go away for a few days.
  7. I can't remember life without them now, I wouldn't change a thing. My birds have brought me so much pleasure and love they are my children without a doubt. Hubs on the other hand would not have birds now if he knew how much they take over our lives.
  8. Alfie climbs out and has a poo Keekee runs straight down my clevage Minkee goes straight for the parrot food
  9. Keekee is a girl and she prefers me but is happy on Steve as well Alfie is a boy and he prefers me, he does have man issues I think as he doesn't like Steve very much Minkee is a boy and he prefers Steve most of the time
  10. Chicken legs, Yes thats one of my favs as well I forgot it until I reread yours
  11. Haha, we all do it !!! Keekee is Keekee beaks Keelyloo kee Sminkelsquirglet (its hard spelling the stupid made up names isnt it) Snoobalsmiget (these to are cuddle names she loves the silly talk) Lola Lolly Poppet Popsicle Minkee is Minkee Moomin Min Mate Rickybobby (he calls himslef this) Smoogeflebalooloo Big Big bum (hes a fatty) Pip Baaaaaayyyyyyybbbbbeeeeee Mingglee peanut Alfie is Alfred Effie (as in elephant being a total fairy elephant) Flump (as above) Lullylooloo Scoobabloobs Mate And at the moment I call them all Chicken or Dingbat all the time (dont know why) My god I think I am mad
  12. Keekee


    I just read this Poor Riley but now lcky RIcley to have found you. I hope he responds to the treatment and I look forward to hearing how he is doing. Fantastic job you have done in helping him
  13. With London 2012 nearly here I was thinking what sports would our parrots win Golds at. Alfie would get a gold in - Throwing socks out of the sock draw Keekee would get gold in - Cleavage diving Minkee would get gold in - Eating What would yours get gold in ?
  14. She's a beauty. Yes parrots are moreish
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