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  1. i really fancy going there.....sounds great
  2. I am thinking about getting another bird for a companion for puddin my panama amazon but i cant decide what to get.... I am at home during the day so both birds will get plenty of attention.. I talked myself out of a cockatoo as they seem to be a major job to keep... Was thinking of African Grey or Eclectus but still not sure really... Any suggestions from fellow bird keepers :wink:
  3. :) do i call the next one custard then...
  4. newspaper here..and she never goes near the bottom of the cage.
  5. I'm sure I'm not the only one who looks at parrots on YouTube... here are two of my favourites at the moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0f3p8bpI2U&feature=PlayList&p=3D8AEE1FA825C7ED&index=12
  6. puddin wont go near kiwi..(the only thing she wont eat)
  7. the first cage used to be a parrot stand didnt it,u can see where the perch bit used to screw into the middle of the silver tray....and the metal bit is a temporary cover for overnight.... he has just bodged it to make it look like a cage..lol it should be like this-
  8. i was looking at hand reared jardines in pet city last year livingworld has new owners now but its not much better to be honest. my partners mum lives on huntsmans fold on flanshaw lane.....small world eh?
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