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  1. Wife just had interesting conversation with David who advised us to post on site about a Greenwing which we had bought about two month,s ago.The bird has been Vet checked for all diseases and got all clear other than spot on Liver. Vet is treating him with limisil which is very stressing for the birds as have to syringe it down his throat "has been on this for a month now " but not much improvement (has another 2 months of medcation to go) The condition of feather,s are very poor and had been shredded. and has probs with breathing Diet was mainly black sunflower seed,s and peanut,s. bird has been on this diet approx ten years.also had sawdust in bottom of cage Now have him crunching on Kaytee,would like to try him on something else due to colourants in the Kaytee.Fresh fruit and veg offered daily but is ignored Bill PS David suggested Thistle milk,any info please.
  2. Hi,all thought i was an oddball with all the cages.Quick run down Dinning room,table chairs and cupboard out,in two large cages for macaw,s. Kitchen, cooker out with fridge stuck in cupboard to make room for two cages for two grey,s.Living room coffe tables and footstool out for two cages for two amazon,s B/f Dyh. Now got G/W on pc cupboard trying to eat it,saying hellooo hellooo PS micro meals are not too bad LOL
  3. Hello Vi,see you have on the site.It,s a great site with plenty friendly birdy people.What,s Stanley doing?not having coffee and biscuit,s with Cha Cha LOL.Cha Cha still watching Corrie.Bye for now.Bill
  4. Hello and welcome to a great site.Bill
  5. That was one Parrot who knew where his bread was buttered LOL
  6. Was speaking yesterday to a former owner of Parrot shop in Brechin North East Scotland.He was in the shop one day when a taxi driver came in and asked if he had lost a bird.No,he said,taxi driver said well there is one walking down the street.Fred went out and sure enough a Blue and Gold was walking down the street.So Fred went up to the bird and asked is that you Bobby,step up,and up the bird came onto his arm.He had sold the bird to a chap about a mile away and it had flown out of his garden up over the roof,s landed in the high street and made it,s way to Fred,s.Nobody would pick it up they just saw the size of his beak.I would have loved to have seen him walking down the street.Anyway it was a happy ending the owner camr up to the shop to say his bird was missing.You can imagine the delight when he saw it sitting in Fred,s shop.Bill
  7. Hello Pamela,hope wee Jock is doing ok.once anti biotic,s kick in hopefully they will make a difference.keeping finger,s crossed.Bill
  8. Thank,s Gary appreciate that,you got some lovely bird,s yourself.Bill
  9. Had a good chuckle,same as you Anne Fav was the loo.Still laughing.Bill
  10. Did anyone see the report the other night.British Troop,s had to change out of combat,s into civilian tog,s at Birmingham Airport.Flight into Brize Norton diverted to Brum and Squaddie,s not allowed thro terminal in combat gear.They were coming home on xmas leave from Iraq or Afgannistan.Diobolical.Bill
  11. Sound,s like a good time was had by all.LOL.Bill
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