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  1. Lornajane56 Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 6:37 pm Hi Chief ...I once got a nasty bit from one of my greys ..cos she dosent like colour RED .. discovered it when i was wearing red jumper .So red jumper now in bin .....she is normaly cuddle tame ...she also likes Johnny Cash ..heard lots of greys like him must be something about his music .. dont let it see her tail! greys liking johnny cash's music, why? QUALITY
  2. Chief Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:54 pm that depends if you work in a pet shop in Syston or know anyone who does! the answer is in the question no pressure :!:
  3. I've been a CAG owner before and I'm looking to have another two. I've heard a lot of things why you shouldn't do this, they will talk less and also fight a lot when they get older. Is this true as I've seen a lot of people own many different parrot's. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. no, it wasnt cleo in melton the grey had been taken to the vets and had to to be put asleep :cry: as it was very ill. John Hayward told me today, as he asked for the id ring number to see if was cleo. laters
  5. just had a call that a CAG has been found in melton, does anybody have this weeks cage and aviary magazine? i cant find it anywhere round here. the bloke said he was flicking through the mag (he didnt buy it) then seen one of my posters. thanks in advance
  6. yes she has an id ring on her anyways did the fbi undercover mission the old story of i buying one for my mum for xmas, but it wasnt cleo she had the papers for the bird and she also had another CAG male, thus the reason for selling the female was they wasnt getting on with each other. ah well can only keep trying.
  7. could an african grey be talking at 6 moths olds? as i have seen an notice in my local shop advertising an female african grey who talks and is 6 moths old for £500. ive tried ringing the number but have not got through yet, will keep trying. i find it a bit strange that a week after losing 'cleo' an parrot for sale pops up in netherhall, which is not the millionaires playground that it sounds just wondering when i get through do i tell them ive lost a parrot or wanting to buy one as a present so i can see if its her? any advice would help Gaz
  8. thanks everyone the walk thing, already doing that during the week as i have some good friends helping me out, as i work all weekends. the parrot that was fount 3 weeks ago had been reclaimed, so somebody was happy just about to contact john hayward now, already done police and rcpca. again thankyou ta!
  9. have done 2 leicester radio stations today and an advert in local paper for tomorrow and friday. Had a phone call today but is was for a parrot that had been caught 3 weeks ago. but the flyers are out and people are ringin' im just on the floor in bits, but ill get her. no pressure
  10. hamilton, well netherhall but as hamilton just keeps growing i guess itll take over netherhall soon.
  11. 'CLEO' she's been gone for 3 days now. Put cage outside with food and toys, been going around wooded area's at dawn and dust. Just in process of posting leaflets and posters at houses and busy places. Very much missed! Very talkative with words like 'cleo' 'gary' 'kiss' 'hello' 'see ya later mate' Has ring ID tag on left foot. Massive reward for safe return. any information please call 07799281497. ps great site been very helpfull. Gaz
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