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  1. I'll have to put my hornbill, turaco and pheasant drawings up soon!!
  2. I've just found this link: http://www.birdtrader.co.uk/birds/BT09401 Is it common for breeders to cross breed parrots?
  3. Hello, I've posted a bit on the lories and lorikeets section of the forum, but apart from that I've not been saying that much! I'm Jonathan Beilby, and my main passion is birds. My interest started when I went to the Farne Islands in 2000. I was amazed by the species and from then my interest has snowballed. Some of you may have seen my site: http://www.zooscene.co.uk. At the moment I'm working on pages for Lories and lorikeets, Tarictic hornbills, Openbill storks and Pesquet's parrots. My favourite animals are Tapirs (I've adopted the ones at Chester zoo), Storks, Parrots, Pheasants, Birds of Paradise and hornbills. I like doing big and exciting projects. I've done a very big one on tarictic hornbills, and I'm working on a survey for Red birds of paradise in all zoos. If you have any information for my red bird of paradise project, it would be greatly appreciated. Here is my tarictic hornbills: http://www.zooscene.co.uk/Tarictics.html I'm also quite musical, playing the flute, oboe, piccolo and Piano. I've got a small part in the TV series Grange Hill. I'll tell you when I'm on the television. Just thought that I'd let you know a bit about myself. If you need to know anything about Chester zoo or tarictic hornbills, you know who to ask!! Jonathan Beilby http://www.zooscene.co.uk
  4. Is that Blue throated Macaw at Chester zoo? I have some pictures of Parrots at Chester, Harewood Bird Garden and San Diego. I've also got a friend in France who is a photographer for Walsrode. He's allowed me to use some pictures on My site (they'll be visible on the next update) but, they're not his birds, so you'd have to use the pictures directly from his site.
  5. It is a natural occuring bird. There aren't many of them left in the wild now.
  6. Adrian, would you like some of my Videos of lories or Lorikeets?
  7. I like Duivenbode's, Chattering and Goldie's where do you get them offered from?
  8. Does anyone know whether any of these birds are kept in zoos, or if they ever have been? Has Loro Parque ever kept them?
  9. I'd like to, yes. Do you know how easy it is to breed lories in Captivity? I know that they can fall out with each other, as the pair of red and Blues did at Chester. They have since been mixed to together and I hope that they are on their way to breeding. The zoo has had them for ten years now, so they better get their act together!
  10. My exams are a year off, but I want to make sure that I'm choosing a species that's right for me. We have a shed, that we could attach and outdoor aviary onto, there would be a shelter in the shed as well, probably with a heat lamp or something. I've been interested in lorikeets for a while now, so I don't think anyone could put me off now! Is it possible to reserve birds from a breeder? Buy them , but let the breeder keep them until I'd be in a suitable position to give them a good home?
  11. I've also looked at keeping pheasants and Turacos, and maybe I could keep these before moving onto something as rare as a lorikeet. The problem is that they are my favourite parrots! The other parrots I like are Blue eyed cockatoos, St Lucia amazons and Red vented cockatoos! I've been behind the scenes at Chester zoo's off show parrot house, and so I've seen all of these species and they are truly amazing birds, but they are all very rare in zoos. The pheasants and Turacos I've looked at are all currently available from British breeders.
  12. Storm bird, What is the April Lory meeting, and who is Rosemary Lowe?
  13. I've been told that I'm going to be allowed to keep a pair of Lories or lorikeets after my exams, so which species would be good to start with? I'm not sure where they'll be housed at the moment, but I'd like to know where would be best, inside or outside? Off course the Birds outside would have an indoor shelter. Where would I get the birds from? My favourite species, are the most endangered ones, like the red and blue, Ultramarine and the Mount Apo. I'd be happy with red, Violet necked, stella's, ornate or most other species apart from rainbow lorikeets. I don't like the Rainbows for some reason.
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