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  1. Lornsy

    Columbus the greenwing

    Wow fab pics ..very very beautiful ..... she looks right at home
  2. Lornsy

    Columbus the greenwing

    Any more pics of Columbus yet ? Would be great to see some
  3. Lornsy

    Cough, cough. cough, cough

    Thats so funny ...i love it when they say things like that ..thats just ace ..made me laugh
  4. Lornsy

    He's hit the bottle!

    GREAT PICS ..your pics are always lovely to see So funny to see a huge bottle hanging there
  5. Lornsy

    Do You know what parrot poo tastes like??

    good one ..love it x
  6. Lornsy

    New toys!

    Lovely pictures ...great shotsof them and the quality of the photogaphs is amazing Must be lovely to have two together ..must be great company for one another .xxx
  7. Lornsy

    Come on Admit it

    No hangover here either .Had a lovely christmas Alfie loved it as well. Lots of new things all around for him to look at but he has been a very good bird and not into anything he shouldnt . Not had much to drink here ..think maybe ive learnt about drinking too much and am finally learnt to drink just a couple of drinks on Christmas day and actually have a nice day and no hangovers .. In fact I cant remember when I last had a hangover ...so thats a good thing
  8. Lornsy

    Alfie today ..new pics

    Yes he does like posing for the camera ...was even holding the pose today until he knew I had taken the picture . Thanks ..yes the set upof his cage seems to suit his personality ..he likes all of his toys , and loves to chill out on his java branch ..when he's not out of his cage . Although he does spend quite a bit of time out of it in the afternoon and evenings ..of which you can tellif i took pics of the tops of my cupboards and my expensive curtains Luckily I paid for the material for my curtains or else hubby would be fussing about them .But seeing I bought them he isnt as bothered as he would have been Luckily .
  9. Hope you like them as I havent sent any for so long now
  10. Lornsy

    Columbus the greenwing

    Your right we do need some updated pics dont we .... also great to hear that shesdoing well
  11. Lornsy

    Columbus the greenwing

    Just wondering how Columbus is ?
  12. Lornsy

    Team Trouble adventures

    I love it very good Great read
  13. Lornsy

    Kobe in Parrots Mag

    Beautiful pictures ..love the one where he has his back to the camera walking away .lovley ..so beautiful
  14. Lornsy

    Our early morning cuppa :)

    Oh thats lovely ...sharing cups of tea together ...Ive never tried Alfie with tea as I dont drink tea and I know coffee is bad for them so I always hide my coffee , but sometimes he does try tolick the bottom of the cup while im drinking it
  15. Lornsy

    Male or female?

    Very good