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  1. yes blee scarlett sells them they are called hagen parrot biscuits i also love the smell of them infact a few people who have visited have said why do you feed them bubble gum lol
  2. have to say it took mine along time to accept the complete mix aswell maybe if you have success with the granules try the sticks they are much bigger they do smell nice though to me they smell like bubble gum lol
  3. i feed all mine seed and pellets all diffrent ones mine are so fussy lol my grey has the hagens pelletts but not the granules she has the sticks and loves them a lot bigger and she seems to be doing well on them along with her seed and fresh stuff
  4. opps sorry i missed ya birthday hun dont get on forums or comp much lately but hope you and the little man had a good day
  5. i have also tried them with my lot and they dont like them either
  6. not as i am aware sure i read an article on facebook about a lady in the states who lost a few birds with useing the silacone bakeware
  7. ok mmm thanks ever so much if anyone can safely recommend any safe cookware/bakeware please let us know otherwise my xmas cake is out of the window because i am not buying another shop bought one
  8. which ones would be best recommended mmm do you think?
  9. nope mmm i dont mind at all so reading the info given on both posts would you all say this type of cookware insnt safe to use round are birds?
  10. the following email is a follow i made to marion recent post and this is the reply i got what do you all think i am not so sure now Dear Ms Mcnamara may we advise that any cookware made with non-stick coatings, including those under the Teflon® brand, do not contain PFOA. Although, PFOA is used to make the cookware coating, it is removed in the manufacturing process. Consumers can continue to use their Teflon ® cookware with complete confidence. Independent reports and tests have also been carried out by Environ in the USA and their results were verified by a group of scientists which included the head of Toxicology at Harvard and all parties confirm that no PFOA was detected in non-stick cookware. Kind Regards, Amy
  11. i have been with exotic direct a good few years now and have made roughly 3 claims to them and they have paid out with no problem apart from exclusions been put on my policy the people who i have spoken to on the phones have always been very helpfull in advice i have sought there excess fee is higher than golden valley but i dont mind as i have peace of mind knowing my birds are covered if ever needed hope this helps
  12. would hate to think i was going to be without any of mine now but if i had known then what i no now i would of stuck with just 1
  13. i can honestly and truthfully say say yes i have and only after maybe a good cry for feeling so guilty for even thinking it or a good nights sleep has made me feel better
  14. abyone know were you can buy safe bakeware tins and oven tins from ones that are ok with the birds all mine are years old and show there age ashamed of useing them
  15. i am still the same with the grapes from chilli and that warning came about a few years ago now i wont feed grapes from chilli
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