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  1. Those are the same things your can buy for humans labelled as Japanese Rice crackers. They are usually coated in a layer of monosodium glutamate. I cant imagine that being good for the birds??? MSG is supposedly a leading cause of cancer but then again so is everything if you read enough
  2. My male CAG Rory comes with us to as many places as possible, markets, electrical shops, parties, and on occasion the pub. He likes being in the car and going to events and especially visiting family. He was even invited to a grandparents funeral who though he was brilliant. All this would not have been possible without being clipped (and poopie trained, lol) and me being confident that he cant find his way to the middle of a busy road, or into open areas where a hawk may fancy their chances. I origionally only considered clipping as Rory seemed to be unable to understand that the mirrors and french windows in our living room were closed for a reason. He kept flying into them and didnt seem to be learning. I was very worried about a skull or similar fracture from the speed he would hit the window. Now he spends hours in the garden enjoying the sunshine, going out of the house, or if its a little too hot being indoors with the french windows wide open and a nice breeze cooling us all off. He is a capable climber and walker and loves a game of chase the dog in and out of the house. I have a friend who is anti clipping, but when I visit him and walk in with Rory on my shoulder looking very happy you can see he is tempted and he challenges his own thoughts on the matter. He is yet to change his mind and I doubt he will as he has strongly committed himself to an argument and I dont think he will want to loose face by changing his mind. Shame really as I personally think its his bird that is suffering trapped in its cage, not mine.
  3. Sounds like what im already doing, but doesnt really answer my question about training. Particularily, how can I improve my birds desire for a treat? I have tried allsorts of treat, he seems to like carrots best but if he isnt hungry he wont take them.
  4. Looking on the web at some training recommendations for talking the guy suggested that "before feeding breakfast" to his bird he uses treats to promote the bird to talk, and train with him. So my question is.... do many people only feed their birds at certain times of the day, and if so what is the quantity and schedule suitable for a CAG? My biggest problems is I cant find a treat that my bird will always want, presumably because I leave food out for him all the time so he is never hungry and just grazes through the day. I have been quiet sucessful training him with praise and playtime but I would like to continue training futher and finding it hard without a "treat" that I can use for positive reinforcement training. TIA!
  5. any tips on teaching our birds to do similar? Rory loves going onto his back in the cage but is distracted outside of the cage. Would be great to get a tutorial or guide on how to train for this.
  6. My baby african grey likes sitting on my shoulder and can stay there for ages happily watching whats happening, but he also ruffled his head against mine and likes rummiging through my hair. Recently he has been grinding his beak on my fair but im not sure if he is actually eating any. If he is, is it likely to give him a bad stomach??? It would be in small quantities if any is eaten as I try and stop him nibbling.
  7. Our little Rory, now 15 weeks old can fly from a take of position and land, usually on my husband head, wolf wistle and is getting close to saying hello! Hes unbelievable at how quick he is learning. He can hold nuts and carrots in his claws, and is getting a personailty so early on. I am very surprised! Anyone elses learn this quickly? Thanks Emma
  8. I top the bowl up as often as I can. I think he is picky as to what seed he likes. He is about 14-15 weeks old now. Doing his first mimicking, its so cute. Ive sucessfully got him eating pomigranite. Like owner like parrot, he loves it!!! Ill try and get him a bigger bowl but I think its quite a big one for his size. It is one supplied with the cage. It holds 2 roughly cut carrots edequatly. Ive seen macaws sat in large sweet boxes so compared to that its tiny but I would have thought he could easily shufty the food about in there. I might reshuffle the cage and have multiple bowls with seed in them
  9. Is there no "anti poop" training for the parrot? im already house trained so only training for the parrot is required. I do try and only take him out when I have seen him poop so that I have a maximum amount of time before the next installment/deposit is made. lol
  10. Sounds like a ace idea. I was thinking about some shredded paper in the corner. He tends not to foul there so hopefully it would remain clean.
  11. My baby african grey has been filling his crop far less than usual. Im worried he isnt eating enough and especially as ive been having him out of the cage quite a bit. He doesnt like seed that much and will only ever take the first third out of his bowl. I wonder how much is getting eaten and how much is being kicked onto the floor. With a near empty crop he can turn his nose up to treats. I would say he is a fussy eater! He does love the mix stuff you put with water, looks like cous cous, and also the baby feed which he has been weaned off. With him becoming more agile (just learned to fly and climb) and being allowed out of the cage he must be hungryer than usual? I do try and feel for his crop and thats no doubt me making myself more paranoid about it. Whats people thoughts on making sure their parrot is eating enough?
  12. Great news. Does anybody know why they do this? trying to dig? exercise? boredom?
  13. can I just ask the folk that are used to having their pet on their shoulder. My baby grey is still learning and it was obvious he wanted to be on my shoulder. I quite fancy the idea of him being there with me round the house so let him up. However....... how do you manage the poop? My nice new T-shirts are getting poop stained and even worse.... poop on the sofa. Ssssssshhhh, Mrs doesnt know yet. lol Any thoughts?
  14. Over the past few days my african grey has been driving me bonkers. Can anybody explain why he is doing what he is doing? He is going into the corner of the cage nearest myself when im sat down, and doing as a bull would before stampeding. He is grabbing the cage with his beak and brushing the floor backwards and then changing feet every now and again and repeating. Its fairly annoying but more than that im worried there is something ive overlooked. See these videos... I know they are not clear but may help you see what I meant. http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=814zorm&s=1 http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=86pn6lk&s=1
  15. hi there we're all getting on fine now, hes eating well, on his own and now holding carrots in his hands. Hes stopped making the noises now and is instead practicing semi-words and whistles. thanks all for your help
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