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  1. Update please... any update pics yet... its been a while and would love to hear about his progress.
  2. Just caught up.. am so pleased that Willow is back home... Good people, do good things.. Willow found good people. Congratulations, what a relief.
  3. Braveheart update please...
  4. I have been following your sad story... I do hope you are reunited... I know it must be hard.. but do try to stay positive and don't give up your search.
  5. How's Braveheart doing... update please
  6. Flower

    Just been to parrot sanctuary!!

    I am so glad.. that I had all you guys to turn to when I was looking to rehome... PHEW.. close one, the guy I spoke to on the phone at the parrot sanctuary sounded kind, knowledgeable and told me how they go about adjusting the parrots to their new environment... I would not have just turned up there though, I would have definately checked them out first.
  7. Flower

    Just been to parrot sanctuary!!

    How do places like these get past authorities such as the RSPCA or similar... surely they are monitored.. visited to see that the conditions etc are suitable?
  8. Flower

    Meet Boo

    Great pics... looks like a real sweetie-pie
  9. Flower

    Just been to parrot sanctuary!!

    Just to think that when I was first experiencing problems with Percy (Percy-Poppet now) I had considered this place, and had even got as far as contacting them... you guys talked me out of it.. thank god. I am driving my Dad to visit friends in Skegness in a few weeks I may drop in and have a look around The Parrot Zoo myself.
  10. Ok... convinced.. thanks Stormbird, my message is now in my sentbox as you said it would be. Ta very much.
  11. Stormbird, did you get my pm... its still sitting in my outbox??
  12. Hi Stormbird, just sent you a pm as a tester.
  13. Thanks... I'll try a test on Stormbird. It's just that I sent a pm to Lockey and he said he hadn't got it??