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  1. Hi all, i'm after some advice please. my Dad has a plumhead parakeet, not sure of age cos she is a rescue. started having trouble flying and has a swollen back end. appetite ok droppings a bit dull compared to usual. quieter and less active. don't think she is egg bound as he can't feel anything it just looks swollen. no discharge from anywhere. any suggestions advice gratefully received. many many thanks in advance Gaynor
  2. Hi net sorry for the late reply but i just travelled back home from up north lol i will pm you the details where i took the dove, but the nice gent who took him was passing him onto a lady with a disabled birds aviary as he no longer takes in rescues due to getting older and ill health, but he is a wealth of information and should be able to give you a few numbers to get help from. Gaynor
  3. Hello all just another update to let you know that Ahiga is fine and healthy apart from a limp and only having one good eye, he is feather perfect and looks really handsome (or pretty if he is a she lol) Ahiga has gone to live in a disabled wild bird aviary, where there is another maim collared dove amongst other wild birdies that can never be released. i had him for almost 9 weeks and enjoyed watching him heal and recover, he did so well considering his injuries. it was sad parting with him but i only have his best interests at heart we live near chippenham and i took him with me to sheffield when visiting relatives and to leave him with the home i thought best for him. glad to report a happy ending. many thanks for all your kind words and good advice. kind regards Gaynor geebop1978
  4. just another update really. this dove which i decided to name Ahiga which means he fights is still doing really well. finished antibiotics and just started some probiotics also got new feathers coming too. everything is looking alot better, hadhim for over 2 weeks now so fingers are crossed. will keep u posted and get some more pics of how he is now. Gaynor and Ahiga
  5. Hi Caron and well done to you for caring. June is probably the best person to ask. cornflour should stop the bleeding if it hasn't already stopped.if you keep him somewhere enclosed dark and warm this should help him recover from shock. some times its best to leave breaks to heal themselves unless you can strap his wing to his body in its natural position, but not if it stresses him out. well done to you again, hope this helps Gaynor
  6. just another update to let you all know this dove is still doing really well. he's been with me for almost a week now so fingers crossed he will be ok. i will keep updating as and when. thank you all especially June for the great advice Gaynor
  7. well done June and Braveheart. i hope i am as successful with the dove i recently rescued. it's so nice to have a happy ending. Gaynor
  8. Hi all just a quick update. the dove is still doing really well and eating more, so pooping more lol. i know we're not out of the woods yet but everything is still looking good. thank you all for your kind words and best wishes Gaynor
  9. Hi all i have to spoken to June aka Jebird, she has given me some wonderful advice. the dove is looking and acting a lot better and more normal despite his injuries. i have spoken to a few vets and rescue centre that said they would probably put him to sleep. however he is eating drinking and pooping fine and his breathing is normal too, so i think if he is trying to be normal then i will help him in anyway i can. his wounds have been cleaned and he is on antibiotics, i have some painkillers coming also. i have placed a infrared baby camera/monitor near him so i can watch from a distance and he is foraging for food and drinking. he has a make shift nest and comes off it to use the newspaper to poop on to keep his nest clean. he doesn't really seem all that stressed out, he hasn't once been panting even when i was cleaning him, if anything he seemed to perk up after his wash. i will monitor him closely and hope he makes it all his signs are good at the moment. if i thought he would suffer too much long term then i would have let the vet destroy him but if he has to stay with me as a disabled thats also fine with me, although a centre did say they would take him if he was just disabled but would also put him to sleep, they did say doves are quite hardy and if i can manage and cope then good luck to me. as for being fair on him i wouldn't try to keep him on if he wasn't trying himself. his will is strong and so is mine so maybe together we can help him to survive.i will consider euthanasia if and when i have to and i know he may still not make it, but as he seems to be getting stronger all the time i am just going to take things one step at a time. many thanks for your replies and i will keep you all posted Gaynor geebop1978
  10. last night i had a phone call to collect a bird, that appeard to have 1 leg and 1 wing. i live in a quiet area with lots of wildlife and have a macaw and a cockatoo so most people think i'm the person to call, although i have helped wildlife in the past i am no expert. back to the bird, not sure of the age but it does still have a little down, its left eye is injured and i think it will lose sight in this eye or may be the eye. its left leg looks broken at the top socket as it hangs loosely from the abdomen but not severed just looks badly broken. injured right wing plucked feathers and a few small lesions. its neck has some bald patches where its obviously been plucked, poor thing has no tail feathers. its shoulder has some type of injury too but stuck up so hard to tell. i checked for bleeding and although it had been bleedingat some point it wasn't when i got there and hasn't bled since. a witness thinks it had a very narrow escape from a sparrow hawk, and they managed to guard the dove until i got there to prevent further damage. i have put some pictures on photobucket was just wondering if there was anything i could be doing in the meantime to help this bird. our local vet doesn't deal with wild birds as i found out with past experience. i have splinted broken legs before on other birds but the breaks were never that high up. please let me know if there are any treatments i can give and where i should get them from, i'm willing to help this bird and don't mind passing it on to someone with more experience. i have spoken to few rescue centres and sanctuarys who all seem to think that putting this dove to sleep would be the best option. i just feel its such a shame seeing as though it is so young and seems to be a fighter, i'd like to fight for it too. i have heard of 1 legged 1 winged and 1 eyed birds surviving quite happily in captivity, so i want to try to help this one too and if it means keeping until a grand old age then that's fine by me too, bless it. i always thought sanctuarys were supposed to try everything to help recovery, but as i was told it's not endangered and it's wild so they don't feel much point in trying. i given rehydration fluid and he/she still seemsto be doing quite well, no breathing problems or unusual droppings. no fresh blood from anywhere either. his wounds seems quite clean for now but i dont know how deep these injuries are. vet said he would amputate the leg because of where it's broken if he wasn't a wild bird. i'm looking for some baytril and silver sulfadene. if any one knows what to get and where from i would be very grateful. i pm'd jebirds this morning as she has dealt with similar before, i appreciate she's very busy so thought i would let you all knowin the hope of getting help. many thanks Geebop1978
  11. Hi there i am in Wiltshire i have a blue and gold macaw and a goffins cockatoo, i'm not sure that i would be able to offer a holiday home to Zelda as i have a bit too much on the moment but... i see enigmastaff who is also in Wiltshire has offered to look after greys for holidays although i don't think she will have a spare cage as she is looking for one at the moment. However i have a sat nav a car and a trailer and wouldn't mind helping with transport if needed to and from with Zelda's cage. Swindon is 1 hour tops from where i am and Melksham where enigmastaff is isn't that far from me either. i'm in Colerne. really hope this helps Gaynor
  12. i found this on pre-loved this morning someone must be missing this bird AFRICAN GREY PARROT FOUND .... Stoke On Trent Area. Says Come on Stoke!! Has id tag on left leg ... please call with ID number and proof of ownership. Have contacted police/parrots society/local shops/petshops/door to door enquiries etc. PLEASE .... IF ANYONE KNOWS WHO HE BELONGS TO PLEASE CALL AS MY 10 YEAR OLD IS GETTING TOO ATTACHED http://www.preloved.co.uk/fuseaction-adverts.showadvert/index-1031449038/ca43ae85.html here's hoping for a reunion
  13. Hello all, just a note to let you know the chick passed away around 11 , the rescue lady thought its abdomen looked swollen and maybe could have been a birth defect, as it was filling and emptying ok as it was when i was looking after it. at least it had a little longer down here than it would have if i hadn't taken it in. Sombra as for what type of bird it wa we have no idea as it was still pink with like a black stripe down its back it's little eyes were still closed bless so nearly impossible to know its skin was still translucent in most places too. such a shame but we expected the worst with it being so young and small, at least i feel i tried everything to save it. it's beak looked more like a meat eating bird than a seed feeder but who knows?? lol. anyway just thought i'd let you all know and thanks once again to LC for the information. Gaynor geebop1978 R.i.p. "numpty dumpty bandy-legs ganet" bless
  14. thank you to LC i phoned the number you provided and they passed me on to someone else in bath. i have since taken the chick to a lady called Terry Oliver who knows her stuff and is also a veterinary nurse the chick will be accompanying her to work for feeds lol. fingers crossed it will be a happy ending and i will keep in touch with the rescue to see how the chick is doing and keep you all posted when i hear anything. my 4 children all wanted to name the chick which is thought to be about 7 days old so they all chose a name each and the chick is aka "numpty dumpty bandy-legs ganet" lol many thanks for replies and advice, i thought i had looked for local places but it just goes to show the parrot-link should be the first place to look for any information on any subject. once again many thanks Gaynor geebop1978
  15. Hi i am in wiltshire and this lunch time removed a chick from the cats mouth in the back garden. the chick appears pink with some feathers starting to come through and eyes are closed, i placed it in a small box with heat underneath and it seemed to perk up in the meantime i phoned a wildliffe centre for advice on feeding etc, best thing would be to get it to a rescue centre asap but i don't know of any locally, the vets weren't very helpful either most places seem not to take in wild birds. i have been regularly feeding pureed cat food as advised through a syringe baby seems to be thriving on this and is opening its mouth quite often so feeding is quite easy at the moment. i dont mind looking after it but would prefer to leave it to the experts. obviously i am keeping it away from my macaw and cockatoo and this is another reason i would prefer it to be professionally cared for as i don't want the chick sharing any germs it may have. anyway thank you in advance for any information about a rescue centre or other foods suitable Gaynor (geebop1978)
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