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  1. Peekaboo, I'll hide behind the cage or counter, and he'll run over. I'll shout 'Where's Angel!' andhe's shout back 'Peekaboo!' 'This little piggy'...as I tickle his toes and then go 'wee wee wee' tickling under his wings
  2. I work from home selling on ebay, and also as a pet sitter/dog walker so Angel's typical day is... Morning, I take him out of the cage when I wake up and we go down for breakfast. Then he sits on my shoulder, or on the window sill watching the birds while I go on the laptop. Shower time, I put him on the shower door while I clean teeth, put contacts in then he stays there when I have a bath or shower, loves the accoustics so tries out his singing! Dog walks ,so he's in his cage but I leave the radio on for him. Back home, out of teh cage for lunch and either on his boing, or on the bed with me while I work or study. His daddy gets home so while he chills out on the ps3, Angel is with him while I make the dinner. In the cage while we eat dinner lol, otherwise impossible to keep food on your plate! After dinner Angel comes back down to hangout with us while we watch a dvd or tv. Then we like to play a laptop game or read in bed so Angel stays on teh bed with us or puts himself to bed on his boing in the cage. Bedtime!
  3. I beautifully decorated my bedroom a few months ago...now one wall is spattered with chewed up food..
  4. Thank you, it's great to get your feedback on the diet, I don't know if it's just hormonal or not but the past few days I've stopped the pellets and Angel is one HAPPY birdie. He loves his mummy again lol and hasn't been moody. Just grinding his beak and singing along with me right now. I read a bit of chicken and chewing on the bone was good for parrots, just thought of the protein? And bones are fun to chew (apparantly! lol) I heard that pretty bird pellets and others have ingregidents which aren't good, but I can't find a list of ingredients on the site (and have thrown the packaging away)
  5. Thank you for all your replies, and lol yes I agree, I'd like to see how the vet would like being on pellets forever! After hearing about your blankets, last night I was watching a DVD and Angel wouldn't stop harassing my hands, so I got a blanket and put my arms and hands under it, so he carried on. Hopefully this will make him transfer his attentions to the blanket..? I wont be offereing him a cigarette after tho! lol Thank you for your replies, it's good to hear others views about the pellets. They just don't seem natural. The avian vet had told me that my diet for hmi was guesswork, and pellets would give him the nutrients he needs. But surely the proof is in the plumage? My diet for angel was feeling him 3 bowls a day. 1 full of fresh fruits eg a mix of banana, strawberry, kiwi, apple, raspberries, grape. Then some veggies eg corn, peas, carrots, mash then some other like a sprinkling of seeds, a few fresh nuts, wholemeal bread, banana chips, cereal like bran flakes. Or some cooked egg, or chicken. Sarah
  6. Hi, I think it's more than deciding who his fav person is, as it coinsides with him wanting to mate with my hand a lot, and when he's on my hubby, biting and being mean to me. Yes it was an avian vet I saw, I think I will stop the pellets as I've just realised that I think he is 'toe tapping' too.
  7. Hi, I'd be really glad if you could try and shed some light on my parrot problem. My eclectus parrot Angel is wonderful, and I work from home mostly so he spends lots of time with me, and out of the cage. Recently, his behaviour has changed (he is 4 years old). He has started trying to mate with my hand, but wheras I was his favourite person, he now is wanting to always be on my husband which saddens me. And sometimes when I try and pick him off my husband he growls and bites. He seems a bit more grumpy, mainly only with me and doesn't want to be with me as much. I wondered if it's sexual frsutration/hormones? Also a few months ago I was feeding him on my own design of fruit, veg and some cereal, seeds, nuts etc. His feathers were beautiful. However the avian vet I saw for his checkup, recommended I put him on pretty bird pellets as he would get all the nutrients he needs. I've fed him these pellets for a few months now along with fruit and veg, but his feathers seem dull and are getting black tipped. I'd be really grateful if you have any ideas. Many thanks, Sarah
  8. Thank you for the replies! I have taken advice by not getting into the situations, such as if he looks grumpy on the top of his cage just letting him be for a while. Also, the cheeky boy nipped me not that hard, but still a nip on my finger the other day and squeeled 'owww!' after then looked up at me. I didn't respond and it didn't happen again As we have jsut moved into a new house with a proper power shower, I have given him his first proper shower. He absolutely loved it, and it seems to have made him really calm afterwards!!
  9. Thanks guys for your responses, yeah I am thinking that it is 2 things. The thinking the 'telling off' is quite exciting. And getting a bit stropy/hormonal/grumpy when he doesnn't want to do something. Apart from that he's a real sweetie
  10. My eclectus Angel and I have a strong bond and he is a lovely parrot. He's wonderful in every way, except sometimes he will bite me REALLY hard. it tends to be in phases sometimes hardly ever, at the moment about daily. I dont' think he understands at all that it hurts me lol. He's 2 and a half years old and right now he is going through an extremely heavy moult so it could be that. He bites mainly when he thinks what I'm asking is disagreable like taking him off teh top of the cage (that'smainly where he bites) But he'll also bites hard when I'm drying him with th hair drier (which he loves). I think it could be territorial/keeping me in pecking order. Or it could be excitement. When he bites I tell him off saying in a very loud voice Nooo which sometimes he flashes his eyes at and copies me. So I'm wondering if he sees this as fun. He loves noise liek loud music and when we sing and make noises together, so he could see my telling off as fun? Any thoughts please? He's a wonderful parrot, I'm just getting fed up of having plasters on my hands! I have a high tolerance to pain but it can be very painful.
  11. I saw that website and it really was heartbreaking. I do know several people that have cockatoos and because they devote so much time to their special companions, they are completely happy and healthy. I thin kmore people need to be educated about parrots, a lot of people think if you treat parrots properly they are 'spoilt' or you are just treating it like a child subsitute which is compeltely wrong.
  12. I have worked from home for a few years and I don't think i would have got a parrot if I hadn't. My family thinks this is really lame, when I said I could work part time in a 'proper job' but not full time because of the parrot lol
  13. Thank you Aw where did you adopt Lioni from? lol it's funny cos I read in a book that eclectus had a unique smell so when I got him I thought 'ohh...this must be it'. He smells gorgeous now, his beak is like honey
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