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  1. Good luck! I work in Crawley town centre so I will keep a look out!
  2. Thanks for the tips guys. Sombra: it happens when she is playing with her toys and sometimes when she is just standing there shouting!
  3. Hey Guys! I've had Sita for about 18 months and she is 1yr 9months old. Recently (well for the past few months) she is shouting thru out the day, some days she never gives her little mouth a rest! Her talking is not worrying me, its just the shouting im worried about. The shouting/screaming only happens when she is in her cage, when she is out she is happily playing. Do all CAGs her age behave like this? Or am I unnecessarily worried? Thanks in advanced Shyam
  4. Im glad to hear that Sita is not the only one with the "Parrot Flu"! I thought they were all gone but i heard one rustling the other day. So still keeping the traps out.
  5. she does not do it often its just now and then. I think she has just copied the sound as it is not consistant.
  6. Nah no-one has had a cold.
  7. Happy New Year everyone!!! Could anyone tell me what a parrot cough sounds like? The reason for asking is that Sita has recently been making human like coughing sounds. Just been wondering if she has a cold or she has just learnt a new sound!! Thanks Shyam
  8. Deano, cheers for the advice. My only concern with poison is that would would happen if the mice die under the floor boards? Is there any type of poison that kills the mouse instantly?
  9. What sonic repeller have you got? I wasn't too sure if they would have an effect on Sita.
  10. I don't think its a dor mouse
  11. Thanks for all the helpful information guys. I'll go buy some traps tonight and see if i can catch the little bugger. I don't really want to use poison for the same reasons mentioned on here.
  12. Cheers for the tips! I'll get the cage cleaned today!
  13. On saturday night, i was playing my ps3 and i could hear rustling sounds coming from Sita's cage. I decided to have a look, i saw a mouse, inbetween the cage bars near her food bowl!!!!! I grabbed the 1st thing i could ( a shoe) and whacked the mouse, it then ran off to the corner of the room, i spent an hour trying to catch it but no joy Anyone know if mice are harmful to birds? Anyone offer me any tips on how to catch it and how I can protect Sita? Cheers Shyam
  14. Sita say's thanks for all the hatchday wishes. This is what Sita got: :arrow: http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj48/s11ybm/Sita/24082008140.jpg :arrow: http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj48/s11ybm/Sita/31082008154.jpg It's still work in progress!! I still need to add few toys and feeding bowls. She is not fully used to it yet, she does not sit on it on her own will! I will post more pictures once I get a chance to add the toys! Shyam
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