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  1. Its really great to have the forum back, Im not really new, but I am new if that makes sense, I didn't post much back in the day, but looking forward to interacting a bit more with you all now :-) I still have my umbrella Cockatoo, she is now 17 yrs, she was 16 weeks when I first joined all those years ago. She's doing really well, and has learned to swear ... not good I know, but a lot of my clients find it most amusing when they come to drop their dogs off with me!... Im glad they see the funny side of it....... Im mortified as you can imagine as she only does this when I have people here LOL ... Sam
  2. Oh wow, clever little birds, thank you for the welcome Alfie and Georgie (my cockatoos) would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all too XX
  3. Happy New Year to you all too (Computer problem sorted, no stopping me now lol :shock: ) Looking forward to meeting lots more members
  4. Sorry this is a really late reply, computer problems Thanks for the welcome, not sure about all the photos though, Im not very technical, but will have a little go and up loading some lol Thanks again
  5. Split by moderator from REPORT SCAM BIRD INTERNET ADVERTS/SALES HERE PLEASE https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/11757-report-scam-bird-internet-advertssales-here-please/ to form a welcome thread. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh my goodness this egg scam is big business! :oops: I feel such a fool, I contacted several people regarding eggs, we have an umbrella cockatoo and a ducorps cockatoo, the umbrella we bought as a hand reared baby who is now 5yrs, and the ducorps is from a friend of ours who's work comitments changed & felt she didnt have as much time for him as she used too. My husband has always wanted a Scarlet Macaw, so I started looking for a young baby scarlet, and that when I saw the EGG Add's, 1st I thought this would be great as we had hatched chicken (slightly different I know) but I thought it would be great to hatch our own Parrot and build a bond right from the start. Some of the add's offered so much info, you couldnt help belive them!!. It was only whenI asked to collect the eggs, (thank goodness I hadn't parted with any money) and loads of excusess came back that I realised that it was ALL a big scam. WHAT A FOOL I KNOW FEEL!!! :evil: I wish I had looked on here 1st, I feel so disapointed as I know my husband would have loved to hatch his own scarlet. Thank you forum A v. foolish Spilmah xx
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