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  1. hi all first of all wishing you'll a very happy x-mas. jayjay is doing very well and is down to one feed a day. he's drinking and eating very well. thank you all for your help. jayjay and familie
  2. hi everyone jayjay is doing well.he/she is a little mischief. jayjay is having 1 cup of babyfood a day and a bowl of fruits with crushed harrisons. and took 3 attempts at flying. oh yes and is a chatterbox.
  3. thanks jebirds we're in the progress of trying to find a vet that can confirm jayjay's age. went to two different ones. first one does'nt know enough about parrots, second one says jayjay is younger than 20 weeks but won't say 100% yes to it as not dealing with young birds that much. so got referred to a specialist in bristol, but want to find someone nearer to here first as we don't want to stress jayjay to much. the only one saying that jayjay is defenitely younger than 20 weeks is the breeder who helps us with jayjay. would that be enough or would we need it in writing from the specialist? don't know if the breeder would as we have'nt asked her yet.. anyway jayjay is healthy. ok keep you'll informed. ell
  4. hi there everyone thank you all for your help. our little one is doing well. we found a breeder who helps us getting him/she weaned for at least the next 4-5 weeks and then on to solids. the breeder reckons that our little one might even be younger than 12 weeks. thanks again and we keep you'll informed about the progress the little one (jayjay) makes. any idea what we can do about the breeder who sold jayjay to us? thanks ell
  5. hi we just got a baby b&g macaw. we've been told on the phone that he/she is 20 weeks old and would be perch trained. after we picked him/she up we recalculated how old he is as he's been born on the 02.07.08. so it means he's only 12 weeks and 2 days old. now here's the question. should he still be hand feed as he seems to have problems with the seed mixture we've been given for him. aswell he seems not to no how to sleep on a perch as he alwaays seems to fall of if he would'nt wake up straight away. what would you'll adwise. thank's ell
  6. hi there i'm new to all this, but do you worm your birds and if so what do you use/recommend? thank's ell
  7. yes we are looking for lighting for the aviary. but we just could'nt find anything. did'nt thought of looking for poultry supplies. cheers
  8. thank you for your reply. the antibiotic treatment was started before the bloodresults came back, after the results came back, there was no further talking of treatment as the chances of surviving where slim. i really don't intent to use her for breeding anymore as i think it would be to stressfull for her and as you said yourself it could be a long time for her to recover if she ever recovers. could anyone aswell tell me where to buy heatinglighting/ lightbulbs/tubes? thanks again ell
  9. thank you for the replys. she only had antibiotics for 7 days. then we changed her food to harrisons (which she loves). she then was fine for 2 weeks. and suddenly she reduced the amount of food dramaticly( that's when she got the heatlamp) and now she's eating again. she's not in a room by her self anymore and got very quickly used to everything. so i guess she must be annoyed to be in a cage. cause she loves to climb around in the aviary. we only have her for 8 weeks now. and she is indoors for 4 weeks now cause she got sick on boxing day. is it possible that she was already sick when we got her? as i don't know how long it takes for these illnisses to develop. we are looking to put her out again when it gets warmer and then going to look for a companien for her. as her partner escaped :oops: . will she be alright with female company? cause we don't think that she can be a breeder again, or? well again thank you. ell
  10. our yc amazon was diagnosed by the vet with a enlarged liver and with high levels of urinary acid. the prognosis was less than 50% of survival. this was now 3 weeks ago. she is a aviary bird, at the moment indoors, and seemed to have perked up now that she is under the heatlamp. is it safe for her to go out into the aviary again? as she is getting restless in the cage.and would we need a heatlamp in there? which one would you advise on. and where can i get the heatlamp that only gives heat of not light, as our pet parrot does'nt go to sleep and is really grumpy. heatlamp is nearly on for 2o hours. and the last question is, could she be going mad? as she is climbing around in the cage and on floor trying to destroy everything in reach ( foodbowl, paper). sorry for all the questions but i'm new to having aviary parrots and can use a bit of advise. thanks ell
  11. thank's for your reply. i've contacted john hayward now. thank's for telling us. hope he can help. ell
  12. lost yellow crowned amazon on friday 20th december 2007. got ring on left leg. he is not tame as he is an aviary bird. any tips on how to recover him or any sightings are greatly appreciated. thanks ell
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