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  1. hi peter,i agree they must see some horried sites ect.. and the inspectors ive met at have been lovely, but they have no power to seize,i heared this straight from the horses mouth, when i was called out to seize a dog who the owner tried to kick its head in :cry: ( quote taken from their website) Animal Welfare Act We rely on the support of the police, and it is the police that have the power to seize an animal, but without our inspectorate all the thousands of calls about animal concerns every month could not be answered. The police simply don’t have the resources to investigate, or the specialist skills to advise and educate pet owners. http://www.rspca.org.uk/in-action/aboutus/whatwedo/prosecution p.s i think they should have the power to seize if it helps an animal
  2. quote from there website... Entry criteria Minimum of 5 GCSE A-C passes/O Levels (or equivalent) and relevant experience. Strong interpersonal skills - experience in the successful management of confrontational situations is essential. Experience of working with animals is desirable. Physically fit. Able to swim 50 metres fully clothed. Valid full UK driving licence. Important information A conviction (or formal caution within the past 10 years) for a number of criminal offences will mean a rejection of your application. The offences include violent crime, public order, corruption or dishonesty. Officers will now be recruited as AWOs, there is no direct entry as an inspector. No information currently held by the RSPCA regarding inspector recruitment will be carried forward. Applications should be made for advertised vacancies. Please note we are not recruiting officers at this time. When we start recruiting, vacancies will be advertised on our job vacancies page.
  3. i remember as a kid watching a programe on training new inspectors, made me sick, as it was showing them been trained up by going to a slaughter house and stun gunning the cows,and also showed you them testing out how to put dogs down on real dogs, they stated that once they have sucsessfully killed 10 dogs then they were aloud to do it now without a vets guidance :shock: what made me sick was the fact that on one of the dogs the trainee couldnt get the vein so kept trying time and time again on the poor dog,untill the deed was done :cry: the rspca has no powers to seize an animal, i know this because ive had to go with them several times to seize dogs/cats. so they have no power to seize,but the power to kill? :shock:
  4. hi, i agree with lam i have aa,but im fine with cats and dogs. in my experiance aa is more from long term exposure, like lam i was fine for over 12 years of keeping greys,so maybe the trial wont help? :oops:
  5. great thread one of my macaws is called armani... because he was expensive,and hes deffo one of a kind i had a grey from a pet shop called budgie!!! that name soon went lol
  6. can it be spit then maybe? that way it can be kept on topic for kelly?
  7. just looked christina, this site explains more about pine at the bottom of the link , says its ok longs as its dried out! not quite sure what it means about the pitch? Pine We read an article about Pine and Cedar containing compounds that can cause lung or sinus problems. But the article was about bedding like shavings put in bottoms of animal cages; more common for hampsters and other pets; rarely for parrots or cockatiels. When we listed pine above, that meant as perch wood which this page is geared for. Also be certain that the pine for bird perches is dry pine that aged for as much as a year or two. Otherwise the pitch in the pine will be an awful thing for bird feathers. http://www.mdvaden.com/bird_page.shtml
  8. does it have to be made with a certain tree? as i imagine some are toxic to birds if chewed?
  9. just read on another forum, that this little one is safely back home
  10. i agree great set up mrtinson1 ... cw have you thought about maybe trying a different cage? maybe he/she dosnt like the shape?
  11. i think also if you had two macaws of your own, you would at least know that the 2nd pic you posted is not a red macaw its a green wing
  12. :twisted: i cant belive what im reading :shock: i would hope to think if anyone did find theses macaws, IF THEY ARE REAL that they would'nt just hand them over to anyone advertising a lost bird, i would need at least ring numbers/pics ect ect real evidence :!:
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