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  1. Hi Anne great to see you here! I don't know personally but Animalia (Sam) knows his stuff, so I'm sure it's fine to use both.
  2. If you go down the air purifier route, you may want to consider one of these, they are very expensive but they do work. My friend also suffers and still has her birds. http://www.breathingspace.co.uk/10-292-Healthway_20600_03.htm I use one and I've tried others of the £200 range, this one by far succeeds anything else I've seen or used. You could always have a good purifier and also combine it with a play avairy for daytime use with lots of toys. I have a play flight attached to my house so the birds can go out as they please, it's great as I can just leave the patio open when at home which also helps lower the dander. Good luck!
  3. I also enquired a while back, still waiting and hoping to post an item for sale
  4. He has been visiting my garden every morning and evening this week! ;o)
  5. Photos of my bird table, including a Ringneck, hoping to add the greater spotted woodpecker soon, another one of my visitors ;o)
  6. How can anyone call lea and tell her Molly was still alive and on her way to you Caron ?? That is beyond sick and very cruel. Both you and lea really need to report this to the police as there are things they can do. This person is a very sick individual and I would worry what there next move would be, especially if they have access to your address as well as your home numbers x
  7. Ok in trying to get ideas on how to regulate rescues etc, I thought is there anyone out there we could learn from. I have found this site and love it, great information, preaching everything we try to warn people about rescues etc. I've sent them an email asking about if and how they may monitor rescues, so watch this space. But think it would be great to have a site like this specifically covering the UK. They do however offer a guide to shelters etc and they have a special handbook on exotic bird care shelters/rescue's can apply for. http://www.avianwelfare.org/links/organizations.htm Oh and best of all there is a National Bird Day!! 5th January 2014 http://www.nationalbirdday.org/b_get_involved.php#posters
  8. Found this blog today, thought everyone would find it very interesting, especially the part about 60,000 animals being put down every year, this includes healthy ones! http://rspcainjustice.blogspot.co.uk/
  9. http://www.primrose.co.uk/-p-37180.html?adtype=pla&kwd=&gclid=CPe93vG7u7cCFXMRtAodIh4AaQ I must get one of these for all the cats that love to spray in my garden .... http://www.greenfingers.com/superstore/product.asp?dept_id=2235&pf_id=CA0156D&co=fr&gclid=CNOmnbi8u7cCFZQZtAodQSoAjQ
  10. I signed this petition the other day and thought it very poignant regarding the goingings on with Parrotcare. Maybe members here may also like to sign it? Just hope it hasn't already been posted and i've missed it http://www.change.org/petitions/the-british-government-make-the-rspca-answerable-for-their-actions-to-an-independent-higher-body?utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition The RSPCA euthanized 53,183 animals in 2011. The RSPCA are currently not answerable to anyone, they follow no written criteria (available to the public) with regards to upholding animal cruelty legislation and seizures of animals. This needs to be changed and their procedures made available to the public and easily understandable. Where there is public interest in a case a statement should be issued within 48 hours of any such seizure by the RSPCA and updates provided regularly concerning the welfare of the animal(s). There is currently no way to appeal any decision made by the RSPCA after seizure, their word is final, This needs to be changed and an appeal's process set in place. No animal seized by the RSPCA should be euthanized without the due process of a second opinion from a veterinarian with specialised qualifications in that particular field. The animal(s) should be physically seen by the second veterinarian. If it is decided by both veterinarians (one a specialist in that field of animals) that the animal(s) should be euthanized then the owner must be informed of that decision and have the right to appeal that decision before any action is taken by either the veterinarian or the RSPCA. Proof of ownership MUST be sought in all cases where animals are seized and where there is any possibility of that animal being euthanized, this must be provided by the owner in the form of a vet bill or purchase receipt of the animal or other legal document pertaining to the ownership of the said animal(s). The owner of the animal must be kept informed at all times during the investigation concerning the welfare of their animal(s). No animal should be euthanized if it has been offered a good home by either another responsible individual or a charitable organisation with a particular interest and knowledge in that field. Every option must be explored to find that animal a good secure home. There needs to be a higher independent authority that people can complain to regarding the actions of the RSPCA. One which has the power to question them and override their decisions. All veterinarians involved in any cruelty cases brought by the RSPCA must also be accountable for their actions to the same individual higher body (aside from the RCVS).
  11. Hi Jo, I wish I could say it was great to see you on here, but because of the reason it breaks my heart as I haven't seen or heard from Alan h since he had Lola too I feel like the worst person in the world for helping your rehome Lola, because I know first hand what it's like not to have that person keep you up to date. If Alan h is reading this, or anyone know's of his whereabouts, I can only plead and beg him to get in touch with Jo and at least give her an update on Lola U2.
  12. The RSPCA seem to be a law upon themselves to do with Animals as they please Its a disgrace on how they have handled this situation. They should stick with what they know best "Cats and Dogs" otherwise they should start recruiting some trained staff in the welfare of Parrots and Parakeets, pets and avairy birds alike. To put birds down when they clearly had an excellent chance of a good quality life is unforgiveable. They need to start changing if they are to continue to dealing with other species. I can only hope they learn from this experience and start to change so this loss of life hasn't been a complete waste.
  13. Ok tried to edit and add this bit but it wouldn't let me so following on from above. Edited to also add, the RSPCA will hand over sick birds for rehoming! I have first hand proof of this when I helped another rescue whick also turned out to be dodgy. They gave us birds without being vet checked for homing, one turned out to have psittacosis! If the birds seized from June had a quick vet check and some were then handed over for homing straight away then these birds obviously havent had any kind of checks for psittacoisis, PBFD, PDD!! You don't always see visible signs
  14. Lea, I’m so sorry, I can’t believe they have put Molly down, this has brought tears to my eyes . After everything you did for her, the video clips and photo’s of her playing after all her rehab. This is just unforgivable that June has let this happen! So much for putting the birds first! I am not one for naming and shaming, but the likes of Ian and Sue have done nothing but help let this happen too, Ian with his extreme bullying techniques, how on earth he runs his own business is beyond me, I feel very sorry for his staff. I do believe in what goes around comes around. I am totally disgusted and sick that the RSPCA have taken this route and for June and her minions for letting this happen.
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