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  1. Thanks for your kind and detailed replies. Kato will open her wings slightly when she is having a shower, but only occasionally, I have tried having her on my hand and moving to get her to flap her wings, which she does, but she doesn't like it, so I don't want to do it too often. She is great with me, so it is easy to be able to handle her, and try things like dropping my arm slightly to get her to flap, funny thing is, although she doesn't like that, she loves hanging onto my hand and being swung upside down. I will try the tips You have given me and let you know how I get on.
  2. As the Title says. I have a Female B&G Macaw called Kato that i was given 3yrs ago Due to her previous owners health issues. :-\ Here is a little background on her She was Approximately 22yrs old when i got her, and her previous owner had her for 15yrs. She has always plucked the top of her chest and under her wings, and a little on her legs, I was told she has done it since the last owner got her (18yrs to date now) I spent a lot of money on having tests done at vets-now in Swindon last year , but everything was fine and she seems in good health. I have been told that the plucking has probably become habitual, and to me, the fact she is slightly bald is not a problem, I think it gives her character, Don't get me wrong, i would love to stop it, but so far nothing has worked. She is Totally a one person Bird, Fortunately she chose me, and will let me do anything with her, but she won't tolerate anyone else, even though she was a one person bird with her previous owner, who was female, she won't go to anyone else now, Male or female. Again, not too much of a problem to me because she gives plenty of warning when she is upset, and all my family, friends and neighbours know her signs, so keep their distance. Bit of a shame she misses out on the extra cuddles though. So onto my Original "problem", If you can call it a problem, Kato has Never flown as far as i know She was clipped when i got her, and i was told that she was clipped when her previous owner got her, which means she has been clipped for at least 15yrs, but it could well be all her life. :'( Kato has never been clipped since I've owned her, and all her flight feathers have grown back , but she shows no intention of flying, infact she seems scared of it, which is totally understandable of course, ( doubt I'd be too keen to go jogging after spending possibly all my life in a wheelchair ) I also understand, that because of the amount of time she has been Unflighted, that her chest Muscles will be weak. But what i would like to know is.... A) Would she be able to fly again at her age? After possibly never learning in the first place, and having the plucked upper chest feathers? If it would be possible, which i pray for her sake it is, what would be the best way to go about teaching her? I also have a 10yr old TAG that was clipped when i got her, Although I don't know for how long, but once I let her feathers grow back, she started Flying almost as soon as she could, infact she was trying to take off before she could, and now she flys around the house at will. But i am at a loss of what to do with Kato. If, at 25yrs old it would be better for her not to have the work and possible stress of learning to fly, then Fine, so be it, but although Kato "seems" happy enough, I find it Terrible that a bird should go through its whole life never been able to fly. :'( Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Why keep trying to reason with people that were willing to con you from day one? The authorities won't help you and courts are a drawn out expensive waste of time, so it seems to me the only way to get your birds back is to send someone round that they WILL listen to. ;-) Thats the way it would work round here with these scumbags. Seems everyone on this forum is too sweet, but I guess that's not such a bad thing. And if Steve and Mandie have a problem with my post they can always pm me.
  4. I have a Tag and a B&G Macaw and live in a terrace house, i think i am very lucky in the fact that i have great neighbours, but also great parrots, my tag, max, only really makes noise in the morning and evening, but in the morning, it is nearly all talking or whistling, Calling the dog, telling the kids off etc, in the evening about 7.30pm he will start sounding off like a flat fire alarm, but twice as loud, this is usually him telling us he wants to go to bed, so it is only for a short time before he goes back in his cage, at which time i cover him and let him sleep. The Macaw, Kato on the other hand is another Kettle of fish, She really can scream when she feels the need, fortunately she only really lets rip when i get in from work, I guess this is out of excitement, because once she has had a scratch and cuddle she is fine, My partner is in during the day, and says shes not too bad generally, however don't take this as me saying Kato is quite, lol, far from it, but to be fair, she is probably beaten into second place in the noise stakes by my 2yr old daughter that has an almighty scream on her, and that of course becomes a challenge to a macaw, so you can imagine what its like when a loud screaming 2yr old is battling it out in a screaming competition with a macaw. Like i said, i have GREAT neighbours!
  5. There is no such thing as a cage that is too big, for some peoples houses maybe, but not from our birds point of view.
  6. I picked up an aviary from a guy in Rochford yesterday and he told me he lost a CAG- african grey - about 3 weeks ago, he has advertised around the local area but nothing so far! I know it's a long shot, but thought I'd ask on here just in case anyone has heard anything.
  7. That is what it seems like Mandy, and when she does it, she bobs her head around alot, and she has become very attached to me, With what jebirds says, it is starting to sound like it is infact a macaw thing, it's not a problem to me, i was just a bit worried for her.Thanks again to everyone that has given advice.
  8. Not really, she seems to do it when she gets excited, but that could also be that she is feeling fearfull i guess, i have only had her a couple of weeks so am still getting to know her, she eats well, most types of fruit and veg, with her mixed food, (seperate bowls), and seems healthy and active enough.When she is puffed up, she will make something similar to a burping noise, so i am guessing it is air related, why? i don't know, maybe the vet will shed some light. It is all her chest and her crop that puffs up.
  9. Thanks for your advice, she is going to the vets on Saturday, but I just wondered if it was a macaw thing, it would seem not. I haven't used aloe vera, but I do spray her twice a day with water, she has tottaly taken to me, and is very friendly. The puffing thing is strange as she seems to be able to control it, she does it mostly when she gets excited, it is like an expanded balloon, but then she just "deflates" and looks back to normal. Will be interesting to hear what the vet thinks. I don't seem to be able to find anything like it on the Internet.
  10. I haven't been on of much recently, mainly due to my son taking over the pc. Anyway, I have just taken on a B&G Macaw that is 20yrs old and has been plucking, mainly around the chest but also some under the wings and on the legs, well since I have had her (2weeks) she seems to have pretty much stopped plucking and has got a lot of feathers coming through, the one thing that does bother me is the fact that she will sometimes expand her chest about 3 times it's usual size, now, her previous owner says she has done it for years, but it doesn't seem right to me, my other parrots don't do it. Anyone with knowledge of Macaws know what this may be? Thanks.
  11. Ah, thanks Stormbird, that blows my idea out the water. I'll look into it more closely this week.
  12. Thanks for that guys! I think I'll see the owner and explain that it Would be illegal to sell the bird, but OK to GIVE him to me as a gift. I think that is OK?? mmmm I'm sure i read that somewhere. Oh Well, Anyways, the bird needs a good home and it's no good to a parrot selling businessman if it can't be sold eh? :wink:
  13. I was in my local Parrot The last few weeks and they have the most beautiful dyh there, poor bird is in need of a good shower, a lot more freedom, and a proper diet but apart from that seems very friendly, likes a stroke and is quite chatty/chirpy, well iv'e given it quite a bit of thought and i could fit one more in my home so I'm thinking maybe I'll give him/her a home here. I went to see the shop owner to enquire about the dyh, but all i got was £700 quid, about 6-7 yrs old, yea mate tame ish, but all theses amazons can be a bit nippy. OK, so not much joy with the shop owner then. Well what i did notice is that the bird has no ring on it, is it legal to sell a cities 1 bird that doesn't have a ring? I would guess no ring = no real id. I hope someone here can let me know if the bird can actually be sold to me if i do decide on buying Him/Her.
  14. I would say if you've got the time and space to breed properly then go for it, but just make sure you sell in the right places, and to the right people, this site is a good start, it seems there are plenty of REAL parrot lovers here and not just parrot WANTERS, meet the prospective owners first, i think you will mostly know with a few questions and years of instinct if they will make a forever owner. Don't let a few conning scumbags put you off.
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