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  1. Haciendas I find are really good for macaws, i tend to think dome tops are better for them too...just found the cages section adverstised above, fantastic prices!
  2. Yes, it is locked, because thats my belief! Im not an "anti", I dont go spouting off at people who buy birds, indeed I have friends who have bought birds. But that is what I believe. I believe that birds would rather live free than in a cage, and if that makes ME selfish then so be it. We as humans have the freedom of choice. Birds as pets do not. No, my mind wont ever be changed on my thoughts on this subject as it is one very close to my heart, I know its never going to happen though, which is why I dont go around shouting "hey, look what you have done to that bird in a cage, " and would rather educate people in the correct keeping of them. In my ideal world... they wouldnt be there. As for your remark about me wanting to BAN all bird keeping and it being selfish...Hell yeah Id love it, I would happily stand up and say Im a selfish git and I would like to see you all without your birds because I would rather see them flying free.In an ideal world of course :wink:
  3. I dont want to bring this subject up again if it has been repeated many a timE (although not since I have been a member) but I would like to voice my opinion ( my internet has been down for a week, hence the late reply) Stormbird, I do think parrots should not be kept as pets. I am not intelligent enough to respond to your post with similiar words and sentences so scorn me if you will, but its just my opinion that they shouldnt belong in cages. Unfortunatley many of the bird keepers in the UK dont supply their birds with what they think is necessary, or indeed come on this forum, so most bird owners are ignorant. I have never really gone against breeders on this forum, or posted against, and I thought as it was a poll I would be able to voice my opinion without it becoming a witch hunt. As breeders post every day, and I post in kind with them, I would have thought you could have at least looked at my opinion with respect, as I do yours every day.
  4. But that is nature! It has nothing to do with me painting an idyllic picture for birds flying free, of course there are predators, natural disaster, illness etc. But twenty years TRUELY being a bird must be far better than 50,60,70 years+ being stuck in a house, or in most cases a cage.
  5. I am the one so far that has voted for the stop of keeping birds at all. You were right cheersm8, very contraversial topic! These creatures werent put here for us to keep in cages, or aviaries. No matter how much you love/provide for your bird, you will never be able to replace the life it should have lived.
  6. You stroking under his wings is like someone stroking your inner thigh! Some birds really enjoy it, but I agree, I wouldnt do it unless you want a very sexually frustrated bird.
  7. She did keep saying Ruby, Im only here for the day :wink: and Im sure you know she wouldnt be able to resist a cuddle with a bird who she has been told is a little terrorist!
  8. No grudge held, she is a birdy person and very proud of her battle scar! Casey gives absolutrly no wrning when she is going to bite, the others are very easy to read, but she is loving one minute and nails you the next.
  9. lol adele, im lmao! I know what you mean, I have never had a bad bite off a macaw, just a pinch, but Casey goffin...she has made me cry before
  10. ....they want to get a little bird because their bites arent as bad, I will bite them myself. My friend Anne came round last week and suffered a bite of our Goffin. Here is her hand just after http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v283/annekenyon/cockatoobite.jpg Here is her hand the next day http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v283/annekenyon/cockatoobitenextday.jpg They sure do pack a punch!
  11. I watched it too, and have been on the website many a time :wink: very interesting (loved the little kid who said the rock was a tomatoe) and as for the plucking...I think we all know you can provide the best for a bird and this still happens.
  12. I myself have posted vids on youtube, but usually as a medium for friends to watch them on, or as a link site to show people on forums like this one etc. I also watch videos, not really to see them talk, or do tricks, but because I enjoy just "watching". Ive lost count of the amount of times I have heard "can you make him/her talk" "can you make him/her dance". No, I cant "make" them, no more than you can make me do the foxtrot round Tesco, (without a promise of a very large sum of money). As toos arent generally known for their talking ability, I never really expected them to talk, so when they do its a pleasant suprise, but in no way part of my decision to be owned by parrots.
  13. lol mum2ellis, when I saw the title I thought "I dont know whether I am going to like this....." then I started watching it, and when the macaw "appeared" on the table with a knife, I was clutching my sides!
  14. I too like watching the bird videos on youtube, and last night I found this one....... I was howling with laughter, this guy has FAR to much spare time! (link removed by moderator - not suitable for family forum LAM )
  15. Not embarrassing but funny... A friend came over this afternoon to watch my daughter for a few hours. She is not a birdy person (hates flapping) but can tolerate the birds being out in the bird room. Had a phone call off her at work telling me Casey the goffin had opened the door to the three avairy teils we have in at the moment (waiting to go into aviary) and one had got out. Poor friend had to catch bird with coat on her head as Casey was trying to grab her, aviary tiel not tame in slighteat, daughter laughing head off at poor friend scrambling round room after this little tiel....
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