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  1. and this is from a man that shoots every body else down in flames !!!!!!!!!! you have to laugh lol bob
  2. well got update this morning he kept pete up all night crunching walnuts and sreaming the place down but this morning hes a sleep pig out to much lol hope pete will get his sleep to bob
  3. hi guys my mate pete call me today good news he come home !!!!!!!!!!!!! little bit worse for where but hes fine he was sitting up in a big old oak tree about 3miles away and soon as he see pete he flew straight down on his shoulder so alls well thanks guys bob
  4. it belongs to a mate hes only had him for 3 weeks hes gutted still fingers crossed hes going out to look in the morning first light bob
  5. lost today in ingatestone in essex hand reared macaw bl/gold reward given for safe return please ring 07773463605 ask for peter many thanks for reading
  6. hi calley most of the beans will sprout but the lentals and split peas will not i have 70+birds and they all love it but i must say that when i bring a new bird home it takes a little time before they eat it but they soon come round the food i use for sprouting is pigeon food its called red stripe pigeon conditioner with aniseed its a lot cheaper than the pulses i find this sprouts easy bob
  7. i use a lot of this i put 2 kilos in a bucket of hot water leave to soak over night then rinse well untill the water runs clear then i mix this with chop veg and friut and feed never had a problem use it for a least 6 years all my bids love it i dont cook it because you take a lot of the vits and goodness away bob
  8. ive read the resent posts on clipping and have got to say i have to agree with gregg on this one a bird is meant to fly so why should you disable it after all said and done we don't chop of our dogs and cats legs when they run away but that just my opinion bob
  9. hi the welding plant you need is a tig welder very expensive piece of kit and very difficult to use if you never use one before bob
  10. Telephone: 07903391565 . Email: leadbeaterlee@hotmail.co.uk ...any body with any info please call lee on above thanks
  11. hi speaking as a breeder of these birds i think your missing the point each bird has its own temperament and must be respected for it the macaws that i have managed to breed are all mostly cuddly tame some even talk a few words but whether or not they stay this way depends a lot on you a new owner my point is that you have to remember which ever bird you decide on. you only get from a macaw what you put in to it give it lots of love and it will love you back also what you are saying about your house being very noisy i think you should think on the lines of a older bird as a baby does need lots of rest and peace and quite thats my opinion anyway regards bob
  12. have you check the humidity outside the shed because if its the same as inside you will have a problem with lowering it you will probably find that you need to calibrate your humidity dial the humidity in my bird rooms are between 45% -60% depends on the weather i personally think your dead in shell problem lies elsewhere but that my opinion bob
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