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  1. All 3 of mine are deep chested dogs so have to be fed twice a day to reduce the chance of bloat. For those with fussy woofers, have you tried making a casserole? I used to have to do this for a previous Neapolitan Mastiff and put on his complete food. Cheap cuts of meat and loads of veg, garlic and a little gravy, he loved it. Cooked liver or a little grated cheese on the food works well too.
  2. yep, thats the one. I'd been racking my brains of how to make some sort of tray to hold his toys and viola! there it was.
  3. ooooeeerrrr....... now you're asking !! LOL That may be a little bit too technical for me! How do I put a piccie on a message without having to do the photobucket thing?
  4. Not sure if anyone has ever seen one or got one, but whilst in the garden centre pet department, I noticed a corner litter tray for small animals, it's triangular shape (obviously!!) with about 3 inch 'lip' around the front and quite high at the other two sides. Well on the back of the high sides it has a couple of hooks. I bought one of these for Louis to use as his toy box as he doesn't like picking up his toys from the bottom of the cage and found that although he loves his foot toys, he wasn't really playing with them. So now this is hooked right near his top perch and he loves stepping on the side and having a good rummage, choosing which toy he wants next. Only cost £2.99 as well ! Probably wouldn't be good for large parrots as they could possibly hook it off the side of the cage and maybe hurt themselves........actually I suppose you could drill holes and attach with some birdy friendly ties of some sort? Anyway, just thought I would share with you as I was pretty chuffed to find a toy box for my little man!
  5. A couple of times since we got Louis, I have noticed little 'stringy' bits hanging from his bum which I put down to the veg I was giving him. But whilst cleaning out his cage just now, he done a little poop as he was hanging onto the window handle which landed on my black kitchen tiles, so there it was, clear as day a long white worm YUK! Right then, so now I have a problem with what to give him, how to weigh him (for dosage) and what has caused it. He is not hand tame yet and doesn't drink very much at all (so medicine to put in his water is a no-no). He is not showing the usual symptoms, he is sparkly eyed and eating loads, just a tad grumpy (when we go too near him), which to be honest he always has been due to him being nervous, the only slight sign is that he sneezes sometimes, but not that often that it caused me any concern. He is happy singing on the top of his cage right now. Help please, I can only presume he came to me with this, I can't think of anything here where he could have got it. Thanks Kim
  6. Yes it's when the tv is on, normally playing virgin groooooove !! LOL
  7. Louis is doing something quite strange with the TV. It is on a bracket high up on the wall in the kitchen and when I let him out he tries to have a good chew on the buttons at the front (he can't get his beak round them) but the thing which is quite strange is rubbing the back of his neck and head on the TV and then he sort of turns round and backs up underneath it, crouching a bit so he can fit in the gap between the top of his cage and bottom of the wall bracket. Any ideas? or is he just doing funny parroty things?
  8. Well it seems that anything that isn't good for him becomes a bit of an obsession, hanging off side of the cage, begging like a dog.......he'll be dribbling next !! LOL But then I have read that OW are greedy little things
  9. Go Louis, go Louis, go Louis, go Louis Well after Louis preening us both yesterday, we've made another small step............he took a little bit of food out of the palm of my hand woooohoooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!! (he would only take from fingers previously as flat hand spooked him) We are chuffed to bits! My goodness what am I going to be like when he eventually steps on my hand? I'll be wee-ing myself with excitement I think !!
  10. Well, my trip to the garden centre for a new toy for Louis ended up costing me a fortune.... AGAIN! I really must get some of the kits and make some myself. Anyway, 'the bloke' was rather miffed when I told him that Louis had preened me, considering that I bought Louis for his birthday! I think he was feeling left out. So when my little man was out of his cage last night, Lee went over to the cage and bent down talking softly as I had done earlier and Louis preened him too! So needless to say, no more sulking because I was the favourite.
  11. Well, never thought this day would come............ I have been converted from my usual rock channels on sky, ie Kerrang and Scuzz to........ wait for it........Virgin Radio Grove !!!! Why? Because Louis loves it, especially the old Jackson 5 songs. The things we do for love eh ??!!! His cage is in the kitchen at the moment as I have been pottering in there since I got up this morning and I can't believe how much he likes it. Diana Ross came on and he was going hyper! Singing his little head off chirping, whistling, it was amazing! Funny little man, he's doing something new every day, I am so pleased I got him for my partners birthday (although secretly he was more for me!)
  12. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am one happy bunny now! Right then off to the garden centre to buy another new toy/treat for my friend!!!
  13. Well Louis has been with us for a few weeks, it still quite wary, although takes food from our fingers, but not step up or let us touch him. This morning, let him out of his cage and he sat on top which is right next to the tv (on wall on a bracket) and there he is listening, cocking his head to one side, taking in Sponge Bob Square pants, so I decided to give his cage a thorough clean. Well as I am bent over trying to get his top perch back in, I could feel something near my head, I looked up and there's my little man only a couple of inches away from my head. So I lowered my head a little and talked very softly to him and he started 'grooming' my hair! To say I was surprised, was an understatement! He's still very nervous so was really surprised at this. Obviously I was concerned as I didn't want him to get any loose hair in his mouth, but to me that was a great achievement. Just wanted to share this joyous moment!!! Do you think this means he is beginning to trust me?
  14. Do you think it would be a good idea to get my little man a birdy bed? He's still nervous of us and will not step up, although does take food from our hands. Or could this bring out some 'nesting' behaviour, as I do not actually know is Louis is a boy or girl? Just wondered if this might make him feel a bit more secure, or would it give him somewhere to hide and therefore hinder us trying to help him accept us. One other thing, we have noticed that Louis will take a treat from our hands if held between thumb and finger, but if I put the treat on my flat hand, he backs away, telling us off. Is this usual? as we don not know his history, it's like a flat hand (ie banged on the side of his cage) has spooked him.
  15. Went away saturday for one night and left woofers, cats and Louis the OW in the safe hands of our 'babysitter'. Well since we got back, he seems a tad grumpy! well, I say a tad, actually it's quite a lot! He is not taking treats through the cage bars (he normally does) and squarks at me when my hands are in the cage (to put in food or clean). It seems like we have taken several steps backwards. Only had Louis a few weeks and has always been nervous and does not step up onto our hands, but seems really grumpy this week. Any advice please???
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