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  1. hi again but when i booked him as a baby i asked for male so he should be a male and do you think that this would have anything to do with the plucking of feathers merry xmas brian
  2. hi all been trying some of the things in my outher post seems to be going good so far as some feathers are coming back through but could he be sexual frustrated as trying funny thing on stuff leaning forward and putting his legs back onto the item and when on my shoulder and couch just going on and of my shoulder with a funny breathing and like a low call is this possible hes 4 and a half now any ideas meryy xmas brian
  3. hi and welcome theres always someone hear to help and great advice
  4. hi there welcome kind regards brian
  5. hi there hope you have good luck kind regards brian
  6. hi there im no expert and i think that everyone needs some help at some point but dont wash your hands on youre bird yet but i cant understand why you wont take up the offer from 2 members to take your bird off your hands to have a little break and see how it goes after the break along with trying new things just keep thinking things will get better kind regards brian
  7. hi and thanks very much for your replys i will try everything that yous say and will book the vet and will give him the cardboard and magazine may stop eating the papers when trying to read them lol i think im worrying as is totaly out of charactor but fingers crossed will let yous know whats happening and thanks again for replys just great that they have people like yous on forums to help out great web-site kind regards brian
  8. hi there its not a real tree and will eat what everyone else is eating except things hes not allowed choclate etc kind regards brian
  9. thanks for the replys his poos are the same his good nature and his behavour all the same and he has not been moved the x-mas tree is up but is the same tree i have had for years i had back op on april and been off work so always here there is one thing hes been doing is trying to mount the plastic ponseta and a display do you think he needs to breed kind regards brian
  10. merry x-mas all i have had my african grey kenzo for 4 and a half years from baby hes got lots of toys and is out all day every day even when we pop out he has the run of the house he does not eat fruit and hasent since a baby but still put it in but just puts it to the bottom of his cage and the last 2 weeks has started plucking his chest area and legs but is only doing it throught the night when under cover and has had the same cover over his cage since a baby and does not pluck during the day do you think if i left him out all night do you think this might help i have sprayed him but dont seem to help would be gratefull for any advise kind regards kenzos dad
  11. hi there everyone if people who have read some of my post's or looked at my pic's on kenzo's progress since picking him up he is 4 month's now so is still a baby and i think he is loveing life at home and is now saying hello clear as day so have put a video in photobucket of him saying hello and am gratefull for the help that the member's have givin me over the month's so have a look at the video kenzo saying hello kind regards brian
  12. hi there lol maybe but everything seem's to be going great and we are allways in so have the time plus kenzo has settled fine and love's his new house kind regards brian
  13. hi there youre welcome to any pic's in my photo bucket he is young but there are lot's of good one's there so have a look kind regards brian
  14. thank's very much for the info kind regards brian
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