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  1. yes I do know my vet very well, I will contact her thanks good idea, didnt fancy transporting him 200 miles, so stressful for him
  2. I have two greys and the males poo is the same heavy sickly smell, he seems perfectly normal but I have noticed its getting stronger? I live in France and no Avian vet for about 200 miles, how could I get a poo check done, any help most appreciated and so glad the sites back again!
  3. interesting, expected to see hidious photos of injuries by parrots, not illness problems for the bird, never thought of it before!
  4. Hi All again, I think it was birdy the ring knecked dove who produced the eggs, have looked on the net and it did say they have 2 eggs at a time, which was what I found and the size was right? What I want to ask if anyone knows is I have the posibility of getting a wild male, if I housed him in a seperate cage outside and saw he fed and seemed happy enough, could I introduce our female, or even maybe another female just to give her some company of her own sort, don't think really I would want to have loads of ring knecked caged?
  5. thankis very interesting! well they arn't dispalying stuff like this as far as I have seen, they do occassionally have beak fights or kisses? could be beaks locking together? Babo the male was hand reared and he has displayed what you have described with me, for ex when I ask for kisses our lip beaks touch and sometimes feel his tongue (yuch) and he has done this dropping his wings and holding them away from him whe he is behind me on my chair, Folio we arn't really sure, she is nothing like Babo perhaps a little more disciplined, she waits to be taken to and from her cage whereas Babo just comes and goes (my fault never really trained him though if he feels like it he will step up but won't stop long) she bites me often I can't touch her esp when hubbies around but she will take a treat from me, she will also bite hubby, don't really know her history but she is excellent at chatting never stops!
  6. Babo has been more his old self today, at the front of his cage and ofering me kisses, however he wouldn't come out to nite but spends the whole time on the seperation part looking at Folio, has anyone ever seen exactly how the male and female go about getting together, the advice I received about breeding was to put them away from the family so I presume the process hasn't been often seen anyone experienced it? would love to know if this is Babos problem? thanks freda
  7. thanks for the replies some interesting ideas, Babo seems to be in a trance, he will eat *** bits but doesn't eat his grain, yesterday he did have a bit of a bob about when his music was put on, also he went to the seperation and weather it was nice or nasty they had a tiny bit of beak touching? At lunch time we ate in our kitchen as before he used to like to come out there, it took him some time he did eventually arrive but didn't eat off his plate, he did have a bit of a crisps (i know they arn't good) and a bit of tomato, I did manage to pick him up and he wasn't at all stressed or panicked at all let me kiss him and he muttered a little! He is standing on one leg (good sign) his feathers arn't fluffed up, hes poo looks ok? I put a new toy in from folios cage and he played with it, I have made sure that she has nothing in her cage that makes her higher than him, I don't fuss her though she does demand it (hubby fusses her), he always comes out to eat if he decides to do so first. How do male birds act when they are in love? they have been together but they tended to ignore each other, he liked to stay in her side of the cage, yet didn't like it much when she went in his, she is also very young he is 5 1/2 which I believe the age they are sexually mature, any clues on what I should be looking out for between thier behaviour would be a great help. many thanks freda and Babo!
  8. please someone reply, babo is again today really moody and staying to the back of his cage, there arn't any avian vets within 300 kms and I wouldn't want to add to his stress in tansporting him that time and distance??? he is 5 1/2 has he come a real male, frustrated, why the sudden fear of me, he did have the last time he was out a couple of crash landings? how can I make things right with him
  9. Hiya all, seem always to be asking questions, dove and tiels laying eggs, folios poo! most important is the change in Babo, story so far, we got him at around 5 months old, hand reared, took to me almost immediately, talked extremely well, ate well, had a hard time when we were flooded, diff story he was stuck in a shoe bow for 2 days but he lived! didn't talk at all for 3 weeks after. Finally got Folio, seperates cages eventually bought a huge double with a middle seperation, little fights Folio was hurt mouth bleeding, they mirrored each other all the time literally (upside dosn, eating on swings), took down the seperation, he went direct into her cage, she wasn't so sure and when she did he didn't like it. they have now stopped mirroring, folio is still an absolute idiot except her problems which I have posted on but more improtantly babo has become really anti social, he won't dance with me as before, won't come to give me kisses as before, if I aproach his cage he goes to the farthest part where he can't be touched, he won't come out for his dinner as he has for the last 5 yrs but when I put his food in his bowl he eats it, can't say if hes still talking as Folio talks non stop and difficult to hear as they both say the same things! I know they can be jealous babo is, and teritorial, I don't touch Folio, she doesn't like me really, why has babo changed towards me, he bites now not bad but he hasn't done that before. He has always been a little old man set in his ways, doesn't like new things in his home, comes out for his grub then straight back home, I miss him? why has he changed, I expect its my fault, the cage is permanent, I had an extension built just for it to fit in. hope for ideas freda
  10. hello all, yes it is very hot here and thier cage is in direct sunlight but with a window that can be openede behind the cage and I have a blind which cuts out the heat. Folio has alway noticably drunk a lot, I can honestly say i have never really seen Babo drink, her water is forever being refilled and she will drink for a fair bit of time. She does eat her parrot food and also she eats at the table with us everyevening, though she doesn't like much except potatoes cheese and egg and her biscuit treat in the morning, I have given her some peach this morning and a different food mix , Babo is happily tucking into the peach, folio chucking out what she doesn't want in her new food mix. freda
  11. Hi all, have already asked about this problem earlier, as her poo seemed very liquid, your suggestions were diet and did she drink alot, she is lively, does drink at least more than Babo, she around 2.5 yrs old, she eats her normal food that they have always had + her *** bits, eg cheese/egg/potatoes, she won't eat fruit or veg anyway her poo now is clear water or I presume its her poo as she squirts it like a poo, any ideas, I cleaned her cage yesterday to be sure and its really wet today? freda
  12. Hi Greg No the dove is a collared dove, a wild bird who I saw fall from a tree then get attacked by two magpies, she was badly injured and we put her in a cage waiting for her to pass away but a year later she is still with us and cooing away with her two tiel mates, she was very small when I rescued her and she didn't have her collar! freda
  13. how awful, I have dogs and know they will go but my 2 african greys babo and folio, i get really scared if they won't take a treat, I just couldn't imagine, so sorry for you and family
  14. yes sorry a collard dove, she is around a year old and have just measured the egg and its nearly 3cms long, it was a animal shop that were selling white dobes which he called albino collared and it was him that said they were a male and female and he pointed out the leg colourings and there was an easy to see difference. The 2 tiels I thought were two males as they make a horrible noise and I can remember someone saying that they do and not to get males! any more thoughts? thanks for the reply freda
  15. Hi all, need some help to find the culprit! I have two cockatiels who were sold as a couple but i thought two males and then we have Birdy the rescued ring necked dove (found him/her being mauled by two nasty magpies at the bottom of a tree as a baby) Birdy we now presume is a female due to the colour of her legs which are pink? males am told are darker more crimson. Anyway to cut to the chase have found two eggs both brocken but one still intact size wise, can't find any clues on the net to how large a cockatiels egg is? anyone know? I have put a nest in the bottom of the cage just in case it happens again and hopefully I will see the culprit! hope its the cockatiel as at least I will actually have a pair! thanks in advance freda from france
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