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  1. hay51

    How sad !

    ...so sad... why they buy animals, if they do not take care of them Stupid people !
  2. I can't belive how many birds are stolen in UK. Where are this birds, who buy this birds... From last year I saw in Bucharest a lot of vehicles from UK, sell for a small price, maybe is the same story with the birds?!?! Police do nothing for this, in Rom for stealing something (ex 100 euro) you can easy get 7years in jail, maybe in UK the punishment is not so severe... I hope you all get your birds back asap !!!
  3. soul - Hyacinth macaw, take one on your hand and will understand intelligence - Grey durability - ?? playfulness - Scarlet macaw colouration - Scarlet macaw best combination of all the abouve - there isn't such a thing !
  4. thank you all !! @chrissimichelle I'm not from UK, my Scarlet is from Ingolstadt, Germany.( because in Eastern Europe isn't a Scarlet Macaw breeder). Hope to get a girl for the Scarlet. The breeder told me that after 3-5 years they tend to be agresive. Maybe someone know more about this subject.... Thank you again !
  5. Hallo, I am Liviu, from Bucharest, Romania. I have an CAG (Baby), Green Wing Macaw (Mr. and from this summer Scarlet Macaw (Sasha). Sasha is a liitle scared of camera. CAG & GWM are good friends, but not with Sasha, maybe in time...
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