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  1. If they ever get out she'll see how much they "love" her. Monkeys with ear rings, Tigers on leads...the mind boggles.
  2. I watched all the programs in this series. I couldn't believe the waste and the cruelty.
  3. It seems to be common practice, as hybrid Macaws have name types. How long has it been going on? Has it impacted on the sales of pure bred Macaws? Not saying I agree but it seems as if it’s accepted.
  4. Hi, Do you think these are too loud? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxjh71ox424&feature=related
  5. Another bird keeper did this??? Do people really stamp on budgies??? Awful!!!
  6. The reason I ask is our female Brownhead does it but our male Senegal has never displayed like that. Is your Sennie DNA tested?
  7. Is this any indication of the sex of a bird? Or do both male and females behave this way?
  8. My team's "Here we go again" and my sons is "Brightside FC"
  9. BUMP!!!!!!!!!! Looks like third is the lowest finishing place at the mo.
  10. nezzer


    The lori was a good one.
  11. Did the shop tell you he was hand reared? He looks a cracker in the pictures you posted. Do you want to hand train him/her or just teach more words?
  12. Come on peeps. It's free and it's fun. I'll be in by the weekend. Just honing the team. :roll:
  13. nezzer


    I Googled for images. Not that many good ones. Don't end up with a set of poor Ars@ antlers
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