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  1. I'm pleased to report that this little bird has been reunited with his owner.
  2. Found in the Ramsey area of Cambridgeshire, today 07/04/12, one very friendly little Quaker. It does have a ring on it, looks to be an '09 bird.
  3. Thanks for all your comments and condolences, they mean a lot! Pauline
  4. Hello All We have, at last, the post mortum report for Barnie. The only thing they could find was a bronchial infection, the vet said he probably 'breathed it in', everything else was normal. Vet stated that if Billie, my Amazon, is still ok, it's not likely to have been contagious. Now I feel awful knowing he was poorly and not noticing it, but I can honestly say he wasn't showing any signs of illness. Thanks everyone for your kind words, they did help, only other parrot owners know what it's like to lose one! Pauline
  5. Hi All Still no news from the PM yet. Good news is Barnie's ashes are back, I feel happier now he's home. My husband is going to chase the results tomorrow. The vet has got the cheek to keep sending us the bill for the PM report, even though we haven't received it, unbelievable! Pauline
  6. I'm looking for a trustworthy reliable sitter to live in for a week at the end of October, beginning of November, maybe the off weekend as well. I have parrots, budgies (aviary), Zebra Finches, pheasants, chickens and cats. Anyone interested?
  7. Thanks for all you're kind messages. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome, I really need to know what/why this happened. I'll post the result of the PM on here, not sure how long it's going to take.
  8. Thanks Caron, it hasn't really sunk in yet, it was just so quick!
  9. My beautiful B & G Macaw, Barnie, died this morning, he was fifteen months old, seemingly perfectly healthy and in wonderful condition. I gave hime his breakfast, as usual, half an hour later he was stretched out across his java perch, wings outstretched and feet clenched, with very laboured breathing. I lifted him out of the cage and put him on the table, he continued just to sit there, then convulsed and died, all this took less than 10 minutes. I have another parrot, a yellow-crowned Amazon, he is in the cage next to Barnie, he is absolutely fine, has virtually the same food, except he has Amazon instead of Macaw feed mix. They are both in large cages with access to larger outside cages. I am at a loss to explain what happened. He is having a PM at the Cambridge Veterinary School, just hope they find something conclusive. I'd be interested to hear other peoples thoughts, especially if they have experience of anything like this. I'm absolutely distraught, he was such a gentle, intelligent little man.
  10. My B & G Macaw and yellow-crowned Amazon love scrambled egg, not sure how good it is for them though!
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