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  1. Can anybody offer any advise? Got up today and there's another lot of the downy feathers in exactly the same place in his cage xxxxxxx
  2. Hi there I noticed in the bottom of my african greys cage this morning that there was a big patch of feathers - not proper feathers, the small white fluffy ones. I know he is moulting at the moment but the amount and the way they were all in one spot in the cage has made me worried. If parrots pluck, do they generally start with the white fluff (I'm sorry I don't know the correct terminology) or is it more likely to be the actual feathers? My only other thought was that he'd had a fright in the night but again, would this cause the fluffier feathers to dislodge? He is acting perfectly normal, the two small proper feathers that were amongst the others are normal and have no blood on them. I've checked him as well as I can and I don't see a single sign of a bald patch or anything unusual. I will get my partner to check him over more thoroughly later as he can handle him more than I can. It just seems that if that many feathers have been lost, surely they'd be some sign? Or where have they come from? I clean the cage every morning and I honestly can't remember if there were already lots before bed anyway or if they've all appeared in one go overnight. Any advice? Thanks Allie owned by Bertie 3 year old CAG.
  3. Anyone at all in the area who could possibly help us out every now and again? Many thanks Allie and Bert Bert
  4. Hi We are trying to find someone in the Staffordshire area who could help us out occasionally with our African Grey while we travel back to Derby to visit relatives. We are between Lichfield and Cannock. Thanks Allie
  5. Haha! I love the way Shinda side steps away once he's pulled it off Mojo!
  6. I've found stainless steel chain on Ebay but no-one will cut it to size for me and I wouldn't even know what to use to cut it myself. It's driving me mad. If anyone knows where I can get some then please let me know as I really want to secure Bert's new cage so he can actually use it. Allie
  7. Aww gorgeous birdy and Bertie is such a fab name! Although ours prefers to call himself Bert Bert. LOL.
  8. Aww bless him, he looks pleased to be back at home. Hope the recovery goes smoothly. Allie and Bert Bert x
  9. Thinking of Sybil here and hoping for a good outcome. Love Allie and Bert Bert x
  10. Wow, that's an amazing difference and so lovely to see the change in him. He's stunning. Allie and Bert Bert x
  11. Lol. Amazing photos. I love their eyelashes, sooooo cute. Allie and Bert Bert x
  12. Yay, fabulous news! Well done. Allie and Bert Bert
  13. Hehe, the first time he did it, I was pretty convinced that he just fell in but then when he goes back, it does seem like he's trying his hardest to get in there! Bertie used to do that but he has showers now and so doesn't tend to do it anymore. Allie
  14. I don't drink anything in the room while Bertie is out - he's "killed" two keyboards already by knocking coffee all over them! Allie
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