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  1. Looks like she's got the training technique down to a fine art then! lol
  2. lol, Diesel always eats anything tasty REALLY SLOWLY and carefully, like he doesn't want to waste any of it. noteable items including omlette, pasta, cheese and anything meaty! He did like his pancake though, we always share what we have with him.
  3. Hi all, I am currently doing a project on what captive parrots are fed vs what wild parrots choose to eat. I'm having trouble finding reliable sources for information. I was wondering if any one knew any scientific papers or studies that contain some information? Thanks Sudent1
  4. My two oldest girls go in to my neighbours houses, both sides! I'm lucky to have incredibly patient and understanding neighbours!!
  5. Hmm, Now we are at this level, the animal are the life style!! I am permanently covered in fluff, feathers and general grubbiness, and the house is definately "lived in" :oops: but I wouldn't have it any other way!!
  6. Hi all, I have a confession to make!! I have officially joined the club of the failed fosterer!! Just before xmas I took in two ginger kittens who were unwanted due to the fact "they poo too much" :roll: Now, I've had them spayed, miccrochipped and they are being vaccinated next week, with the intention of finding them a nice new mummy who would give them everything they desire. In essence.... this has happened, as I have decided I'm too attached and they won't be going anywhere! So they join 5 other cats (all rescue) 2 rabbits (both rescue) 1 dog (kind of rescue) and of course Diesel (rescue and previous foster failure!), notice a pattern here!? I have uploaded pics to my photobucket, where you will also find everyone else! Welcome to the mad house Chester and Chase! They have been playing out in the snow this morning, I think it's the 1st time they will have seen it! Student1 x
  7. Hi every one, I just wanted some opinions really, Do you think that a parrot prefers the company of his own species, if not a mate, or do you think he would be happy with other species company? The reason I ask is I'm feeling guilty about the amount of time I'm out of the house at the moment. Although Diesel (Electus) has time in the morning and evening with me, he literally is only happy when he's in my face! :roll: I've bought him some enrichment toys, but he's not that interested if I'm honest, doesn't seem to want to "work" for his food, even tasty nuts. The truth is I can't afford to buy him a mate, but I have dogs and cats, so even when I'm out there is things about for him to watch. I generally leave him cartoons or the radio on too. My long term plan would be to get him a female, but with me being in my last year of Uni, finances do not allow it currently When I see pictures of other members birds, with other birds I just get guilt twinges! Thanks Student1
  8. that's excellent news...was trying to think of what food related things to do. If i just got a normal brown paper bag and put nuts in it would I hang it in front of him? and the kong? is that a parrot one or the dog one? what do you do with it?? i'm intrigued! that's great to know your eccie has shown interest - i am hoping something will make Limey stop plucking! I bought a parrot kong and started putting tiny bits of cheese or walnuts in ot for him to get the idea, he now realises all the very TASTY stuff is in there and almost runs to it when I put it in the cage! lol. I've been putting things in normal paper bags, crumpling the top and placing it on the floor of the cage or in one of his bowls. I'm a firm believer in animals working for thier food, it's important for dogs, cats rabbits etc, if they were wild nothing would come easy and every day would be full of trials and decision making, so I think it's important to recreate this in our pets. If they were given everything easy life would be so boring! x
  9. I have used Zooplus in the past for cat furniture and cat food (believe it or nor the cat furniture was cheaper that I could get it at work, and I work in a pet store!) I have always thought they are good, prompt delivery and I've always been pleased with what I bought. x
  10. http://www.petsbehavingbadly.com/pages/courses/courses.html OOOPS!! meant to post the link!!
  11. Hi, I just wondered if anyone had ever had any experience of "pets behaving badly"? They run a behaviour consultantcy and run courses on pet behaviour. I was interested in the Parrot one, just to help me understand them a little bit more. On a similar note, has anyone ever used a "parrot psychologist" to help them overcome a problem? Thanks x
  12. I found out something interesting last night.... My boyfriends mum comes over twice a week to walk the dog and spend time here when we are both out all day. Diesel generally shouts at her when she arrives, which is understandable as he doesn't really know her. I saw her last night and she said "that bl**dy bird is getting worse, he screams at me every time I go in so I go right up to the cage and scream back" :shock: Brilliant, so if i have this correct in my head... He screams when he is not sure about something (stranger coming in the house) so scary stranger then gets right in to his face and screams back... no wonder he is getting worse!!! :roll: Hmm... I may have to have words...... :evil:
  13. lol, I can relate to that, diesel would rather have the bit out of my mouth than the bit he has in his foot!! :roll:
  14. It is very hard to do as he really upsets everyone, the dog turns in to a shivering wreck and the cats scatter in all directions!! I think he needs some sort of muffler!! I will try to ignore him for as long as possible, although in the past I have tried leaving the room and he's continued going off like a fog horn for a good five minutes :roll: , and I do worry about my neighbours as we are attached one side! Thank you for the advice, and I will start working on getting him out of a strict routine. x
  15. Hi, I just wanted to say keep perservering, it'll be worth it in the end! My Eclectus never used to touch his toys, they just used to sit there and get in his way. Recently I've been giving him food related toys like a kong, and paper bag type things he has to "break into" to get nuts and things and we are having success, you just have to find out what motivates him. Good luck! x
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