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  1. you really think im going to waste money on you with a solicitor wouldnt waste the cash not worth it
  2. so you are shop4birds then slipped up there aint you
  3. hilton i dont think you have spoken to any breeders i use and as for me buying baby birds in a couple of weeks ago please do explain ive got to greys that are 11 weeks old and are bred from my own birds please can i have the name of the so called breeder i bought birds from also shop4birds will get a shock tomorrow when they get a phone call from my solicitor
  4. i buy weaned birds from breeders i have never and never will buy unweaned chicks i think ill give richard and richard a call
  5. couldnt care less what you think of my site ive got proof hear of the emails that where sent and recived i couldnt care less what other sites do they make it clear what they do you or should i say shop4birds just lie they only been doing it for 6 or so years dont exactly make them experts does it and i breed as its a hobby not to mass proudce to make money
  6. lol thats a funny story have contact shop for birds once i couldnt care less what you think of my site and why would i wnat bigger birds ?? when i have breeders who can supply me with any amount of macaws etc i dont need to dream about been successful as shop4birds a good reputation takes time not what shop for birds do and flood any site they can with adverts for birds for sale
  7. i do own parrotmania yeah but have never wanted to buy chicks from them why would i when i have breeders that i use and shows how many lies they tell dont it when they ring off a number asking for a hyacinth and tell me a fake name
  8. hilton im sorry but i wouldnt sell shop4birds bread never mind any chicks and im not from wirral bird world no where near so before you start get your facts right
  9. i dont need to tell you how i know shop4birds but i know enough to know that they buy in chicks and when asked on another site to post pics of there breeding birds and there baby birds they didnt bother i wonder why ??
  10. hilton carnt you stop your game now you clearly have something to do with shop4birds they offered to sell me the site not so long ago or they would swap it for 3 week old baby birds and you say they dont buy 3 week old babys in you only have to look on preloved and birdtrader there all over it wouldnt surprise me if they had never bred a bird in there life
  11. hi could some one give me some info on breeding these cockatoos any info would be great cheers mick
  12. this is just to gather some info on breeding blue and golds .if anyone is able to answer any of the questions then that would be great how much would a proven breeding pair cost ? what sort of aviary would they need ( how big and so on )? where would the best place to buy a pair be ? any other info anyone can give on breeding these birds then please do thanks mick
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