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  1. At what age is it best to start introducing soft food to my baby grey, its now nearly seven weeks old and pecking and mouthing almost everything now ( toys/bedding ect) just need abit of guidance on the weaning for this guy as I am happy with conures, small parrots and cockatiels, but this is the first time i have raised a grey so all tips please whats the best age to start introducing parrot mix?
  2. Millet !!! thats what I give all my babies along with their normal seed, egg food mixed with veg and fresh water, he dosent look about 8/9 weeks I think he is older, he may be abit shocked with being in the shop and then a new home, he may have been forced weaned too and not given enough time to become confident with seeds, offer him some millet, hang some up in the cage and lay a sprig or two on the floor next to his food bowl, and then leave him to it for abit.
  3. just got my new TLC4 brooder, can anyone advise on what temp a 3 week old african grey should be brooded at as I seem to have varying information and wanted some general advise from people that raise greys and use tlc4 please
  4. tony jollife, he is in sittinbourne - kent and I belive he comes down your way each week, i have used him and he is very good tel: 01795 425940 / 07971 523848
  5. ok i am handrearing an african grey at the moment, can I have a few guidelines please: he is two and a half weeks old. 1) can anyone give me a rought guide to amount of feeds per day he should be having as the weeks go on, also rough guide to amount per feed. 2) how long does he require heat / brooder im used to handrearing other parrots, conures and cockatiels, but this is our first grey so would really like some guidelines please for his developement over the next 3 months / until weaning. thanks guys and also any tips on how not to get attached lol!!! im failing misrable, He is adorable and im sssooooooooooooooo tempted to keep him ( i say him but not 100 %) he is adorable starying to look around and make the must beautiful baby sounds! im in love
  6. can anyone advise how often I should be feeding a 5 day old african grey chick, I have had to bring him in due to parents rejecting him, he seems bright and healthy, squeaking well lol!! he seems to be feeding every 3 hours roughly is that ok? what the amount he should be getting, sorry for all the questions, but I have only ever done conures this young so abit panicky at the moments, any advise ???? thanks
  7. ahhh just been reading this, I too am now handrearing a african grey baby he is 5 days old and I had to remove him due to parents, hopefully he will do just as well as your two
  8. thanks david, it was nice chatting to you earlier, I will stick to the breedmax.
  9. can vitacel from aviform, be used along side calciform and breedmax, in my daily routine with fruit and veg?
  10. oh ok! that makes me feel abit better, thanks everyone, I adore this pair they are so beautiful, I wouldnt part with them for the world, but its was a shock to find they had done that as I had never known of it before, maybe they have better luck next time
  11. OMG !!I had such a shock today, my pair of grey had laid their first clutch of eggs for me this year and they where due to hatch last week, I have been keeping a close ear on thing and no noise, so today I thought I better have a look at the eggs and see whats going on, when I went into the nest box all four eggs had gone !! mum and dad had gone into the flight when I opened the nest box so I took out all the bedding and went through it , but not an egg shell/ chick in sight, they had disappeared !! have they eaten them ? will this happen again, what should I do if they lay agian, I dont mind handrearing from day one ( although only done conure from day one not a grey) but I have never incubated grey eggs . has anyone else had this happen to them, my greys have calciform, fruit, veg, pulses, good varied seed diet, low sunflower, natural branches, good size enclosure, they look feather perfect and bright eyed, I just dont under stand why this has happened, I have never known it before, can anyone shed any light on this , thanks
  12. LOL ! the things I do for my birds ! I am trying to find some one who can make ( or a company) and supply me with some galvanised metal trays, my inside part of my avairies have wooden pull out trays and as you can imagine they dont last long !! so Im looking for some metal ones, has anyone any ideas where I could buy them made to measure or can anyone make them thankyou xx
  13. I have the long arcadia bird light tubes (60inches) and was wandering about what light fitting could be used, do I need the arcadia one of can I use the normal strip lighting fittings that you can get in B &Q ? can anyone advise me please
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