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  1. well glad we cleared that up ...does it matter who,s friends with who
  2. No you can see by my log on what my name is ..YOU POINT WAS ?
  3. Could you please explain what you mean by this C W Lister
  4. peter55 ...would just like you to see what happens when you have opinions of your own... see this thread that was all twisted up to try and discredit me ..because YES i was and STILL am a NPS supporter ...and will continue to help all birds... Found A/Grey North Shields
  5. Well i have NO wish to join in this witch hunt ..i would just like to say i have had a few of problems accessing the NPS forum at times ..but there again suppose it suits your purpose to say that its only been you Fannyann
  6. Only answering this one question as was asked by MMM...my vote would still be yes as have seen the place and the dedication of the staff ..I would not rely on one picture.. people put birds in NPS rather than sell them on or have them going on to be breeding machines ..also to keep them being rehomed time and time again.. YES THIS DOES HAPPEN ... I always stand up for what i believe in.. sorry if this is not what you want to hear PS as said on NPS threads NO i would not have my parrots go to rainbow bridge in the event of my death the very thought they would be put to death is appalling to me May i also add that some of people like myself visited the NPS to checked it out before handing over birds
  7. No didnt mean you personally Caron just wanted everyone to know it was nothing to do with me ..... by your post I know you have been impartial all the way through... I myself have just said what i have seen ..we will just keep doing our best for them birds thats all that really matters eh gal
  8. Nothing to do with me Caron I live up in Aberdeen and I have only reg in ONE poll and ONE name in my post ..and so far i have not been anywhere but Aberdeen for the last 6 weeks.... not taking part in this anymore reason being ..ask yourself WHY my old post was being dragged up on the lost and found NO not going down that road again so draw your own conclusion as was said by David ..and while i am at it i would like to offer my apology to Sharon and other members i did not mean them ..i was aiming at the ones that were getting me involved with my perfectly innocent post "reporting it to John Hayward "after i had explained it time and time again"about how it occured .. Think if you all were me .you all would have been a bit derogatory in post regarding that matter eh... . enough said on this ..hope this clears it up from me I am only here for birds and cant be bothered with all this..
  9. dont bother ..i have explained that i would never have found it myself unless it was on this thread
  10. well come on mmm wouldnt you be making stong statements if you were reported to John Hayward for a perfectly innocent post regarding the found bird ..wouldnt you not feel a bit like i do ... omg i cant be bothered with anymore of this ..
  11. sorry the post is no longer there that why i was asking .... i have checked .. prob post been edited.. and yes i have also edited post too ... yes i can find my way to this post before you ask i go to Active Topics or if i want to post i go on main site and look for the thread but like i say i would never have found the A/Grey lost and found one because it was so long ago ..have just today learned how to read my previous post
  12. MMM but it was your high lighting on this thread that made me understand what you and Jebirds were on about ..because honestly i didnt have a clue ..and i am not so up to speed on the computer to find old threads
  13. yes i said i would not come back to this thread but will answer your question Alan On my visits to the Nps i stayed on site in B/B when gates are shut they dont tell me i have to go to bed .. . AND while we are at it please check threads on A/grey lost and found in North Shields I am absolutly disgusted with how i was treated ..now all of you that have views as for the NPS dont bother expressing them..else you could end up like me in a lot of real bother "with people going through you previous post and twisting it " AND i mean John Hayward thief bother.. A/grey lost and found in North Shields PS Madmud where is the thread gone on here! that you highted for me so i could understand what you meant about my connection wth willow rescue... A/grey lost in North Shields Just goes to show what lengths some of you will all go too.. SAD i would say ..once again i do not follow ..i am not a sheep... i am my own person
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