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  1. Oooh thats funny, I can just picture it, and we have two rotties so that would be better!!
  2. Wow they are absolutly georgeous!! Fab photos x
  3. Snowey Great news!! I Am so pleased they are home safe and sound. =D>
  4. Thankyou all, he is happy now and all cuddly, he also smells of pine cones so i reckon he has been hiding and sleeping in those trees. He has eaten lots of food today he must of been starving. he has had lots of lychees which are his favrouite and thats what enticed him down this morning. im getting him chipped this week, ive learnt that lesson. He has lost a few red tail feathers and has a scratch on his beak!! And ive decided to make him a large averery outside seeeing as he liked it so much, i just cant beleive that he survived the cold , which just goes to show they can be tough little sods!! x
  5. well.............................. we have got him, i was calling out my bedroom window with my son and we thought that we heard him whistling back. then 10 mins later the man who works on the farm for us phoned and he was in the same tree that he first flew too the day he escaped!! he then flew to a few other trees, and then on to the crane in the field, and i climbed up it and he climbed on to my hand, and kept hold of him tight, then wrapped him up in my fleece. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!! I feel sick and shakkey.
  6. Snowey, it is hard to stay positive with the weather so cold, at least the days are lovley and sunny. Im just hoping they have met up and are a couple together!! But im still looking and calling and telling more people further a field. Fingers crossed he will come home, and i hope your friends find there's.
  7. we live in the middle of no where are nearest farm is 3 miles away but we are a couple of miles out of the village, so we dont have many people up this way, only the odd dog walkers. I have put up posters with a reward, the tree he slept in the first night is half a mile from here, where i have left his play stand and his cage in the garden. I dont think that he know the outside area at all, so he will not know where home is. But i will still keep looking and calling for him. what about the cold??
  8. Hi all, been looking for hours, and calling , im so worried that it has been so cold in the nite, yes im near pewsey it about 4 miles away, and ive spoken to the local radio, and put up posters. Ive put more food out , and his cage. Ive checked the wood over and over again, and went back in the nite, to see if he went to the same tree. Im worried because we have so many birds of prey here. Do parrots return home if they have had freedom.?
  9. still no sign have been everywhere, i hope he stays with the pigeons, i thought they would fight him off. i hope he returnes i will go out in a while again and look in the wood where he slept last nite. Im worried about the weather tonite it is ment to be min of -6 -10, surly that will be to cold for him. Do they fly away or stay in one place?
  10. Well ive been looking for hours now, he was still at the woods, butr alot of pidgeons flew in and frighteded him off then i lost sight they flew everywhere, we have drove around and looked in al the woods, i have now put his cage in the front garden, incase he comes home. I will keep looking around.
  11. ive just come back,he was still in the tree, i was up at spot before light at 6.10 and he wasnt awake, he woke up with me talking to him and was singing for ages!! he stayed put for an hour +, then flew a big circle around the valley and landed next to the tree he was in all nite. I have taken up more food and moved his play stand along, my husbands tried climningt the trees again, but this ones so big he cant get near him or spooke him off. I will go up again in a min, he might be pleased to see me.
  12. thanks cgm :-({|= I have just put his play stand up near the tree in the open field, with all of his favrouite fruits and seed, and i will get up there before its light, and wait for him to wake up. x
  13. yes it wont be on the ground, i will fill it with food and hope he come down. im just worried about the cold, as he is use to a lovley warm house!! the house feels so quiet with out the little man!
  14. No, i cant climb the tree it is a massive one,!! when he was on a smaller one,my husband tried that frightened him, and we then got the manitou to lift me up too him but that frightened him, thats when we left him in the tree half a mile away because at this point it was dark. i thought that he was safer in the tree that on the ground because of all the foxes. I have just been up to look he is in the same place. Will he be ok in this cold weather??? Should i take his cage up and put it near him tonite, or just go up in the morning before it gets light with food treats, and call him down.
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