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  1. Hi I don't know if this is any help. But I have a cockatoo that won't step on to hands at all. She will only step onto arms and she does prefer them if they are covered.
  2. It does look like she is helping you clear it up though. How nice of her.
  3. No. I don't think so. I think it is just about routine and ther internal body clock.
  4. Mine know when its afternoon nap time. About 2pm each day they all settle down and have a sleep or, are just quiet. Wish i could have afternoon nap too. lol.
  5. Good grief, I didn't know there were so many parrot people near me. I live in Storrington. May be i will try and pop in. We are bikers too. Well have just sold a 1. So without at moment. Which is strange.
  6. I have had to have my whole lounge replasted after a cockatoo got out when we went to tesco. On my 3rd pair of curtains. 1 watch and 1 mobile phone dismantled. Buttons gone off remote. Why do they like to chew all the things they shouldn't when they have so many things they can?
  7. I have used Harrisons. It is great for birds with health problems. But what i find is that the birds only go to every other birds cage and steel what they have got, so i felt maybe the parrots like variety. Also the cost if you have alot of birds like many of us do on this forum is outragous. I is od for the summer in outside aviaries when its hard to give fruit because of wasps.
  8. I always make a boiled chrismas cake. You don't have to make until much closer to christmas and it is a lot more moist. Most cook books have one in.
  9. Hi I know this sounds odd, but even cutting the fruit or veg in different shapes can help. My parrots will only eat carrot if it is cut in long thin strips. If i cut it is rounds or chunks they won't even pick it up. You could also try eating it in front of them and make lots of good sounds when eating it. (Hope you understand what i mean.) If they think you have something good and they are missing out, it dosen't take long for them to try and pinch it from you. Good luck.
  10. The picture is based on Kate. My oldest daughter.
  11. Sorry i was in a hurry this morning. A cockatoo was trying to eat the keyboard.
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