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  1. This is a great thread!! Ozzie would get gold in...........talking for Britain
  2. Hi Denise That would be great. Would you be ok to look after Ozzie in return if we ever went away on holiday, too? A little about Ozzie....we got him on New Year's Eve from Dorset from a couple who "didn't have time for him". God knows how long he had not been out of his cage for. Anyway, within 2 days I can stroke his head and neck. He still won't step up and nobody else can pet him but we all love him to death. He NEVER shuts up and has a huge repertoire of words, sayings, sounds, etc. Will have to meet up for a coffee soon. Thanks for contacting me. Lisa
  3. Ozzie had the name when he came to us and as he is 11, we didn't feel it fair to change it. He does get called Oz and for some unknown reason, I call him Ozzie doodler.......
  4. Hi That is great to hear how Chester is doing. I am still trying the stick with Ozzie - not too good at the moment but will persevere. Also have got him some smaller natural wooden perches as you suggested (thanks for that). He has just had his dinner of sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, swede, parsnip and carrot!!! Loves his vegetables... Look forward to hearing more about Chester and from you regards his rehoming. Lisa
  5. Hi and welcome!! Whereabouts in the UK are you? There are lots of knowlegeable people on this site to help you if you ever need it. Sounds like you have your hands full with your pets!
  6. So sorry to hear that.
  7. That's great!! I couldn't do that with Ozzie - NO WAY! When I had my macaw, Jacks, he used to lift his feet up for me to do them!! Easy...
  8. Ozzie has just been out on top of his cage. Normally I can only tickle his head and neck and occasionally a quick back or wing stroke! Well, he crouched, wings up and out a bit, made "mew" sounds, regurgitated for me, got my finger in his claws and rubbed his head on my hands. No way can I normally touch his feet!! He did this for a few minutes (on and off). Is this "mating" behaviour?? Have never seen this before. Thanks.
  9. Hi Greg came to visit me yesterday as I have put my name forward to have Chester come and live with me. He was asking me about my African Grey, Ozzie. We were told he was male and between 5-7 years of age. Within seconds, Greg tells me that Ozzie is 11 as he could read his ring on his foot (my eyes aren't that good!!!) and then he says he thinks he may be a she!!!! lol Now I am worried Oz will have an inferiority complex hahahaha
  10. Hi everyone I am off to Warrington next Friday (17 February) and coming back Saturday to Somerset. Give us a shout if I can help transport anything for youm
  11. Well, just met Greg when he came round to meet me as I have expressed an interest in taking on Chester. I should know in about 2 weeks as there are others interested as well. It was great to meet him and his knowledge is vast. Thanks Greg and lovely meeting you.
  12. Hi I guess patience is the key here!!! Luckily, he is really inquisitive and so I think that may help. I will have to keep trying!!
  13. Thanks for that help Greg. The only thing is, he is scared of sticks!!! Also perches and hands....Maybe I will try and find a very small stick and try him on that. I will keep you posted how I get on with him.
  14. Thanks Greg!! That is great news. In such a short time, he has come so far. I cannot get Ozzie to step up - either on a perch or me. He backs off or flies off or bites - hard. I know that the experts say to not show any response but it is very difficult when it really hurts!! I can pet him on his head and neck but nobody else can. He will take food from anyone. I think it is just that he hasn't been handled and has been stuck in a cage for so long. Now, he comes out of his cage all the time and walks all over it. I hope that he will trust me enough one day to step up on to me. Thanks again for the update on Chester. Keep me posted. Thanks Lisa
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