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  1. kayg

    Cities 1 but no ring????

    Could be stolen and sold on?? rings can be removed!!!
  2. kayg

    For Roz.

    So sorry for your loss Roz {{{{{BIG HUG}}}}}
  3. kayg

    Hello, new here!

    Hello and welcome.
  4. Just a little gas & air, I was too busy gripping the bed to hold the gas & air so only managed to have a bit!!!!!!!!
  5. kayg

    hi everyone put some more pics on

    Hi Brian, how old is your baby and how long have you had him? is he setteling in ok? sorry for all the questions I collect my baby next week and I'm abit nervous as well as excited. Congratulations your baby looks great! Kayg.
  6. Can fully simpathize withyou Net I had a 10lb2 baby boy!! natural birth
  7. I never realised how much hard work it is for a bird to lay an egg! WOW
  8. kayg


    So happy to hear that Tommy is ok.
  9. kayg

    The Rox has landed :)

    She is lovely your very lucky to have her.
  10. kayg

    Baby greys awwww

    Absaloute cuties sooooooooooooooo sweet!
  11. kayg


    hope all is ok with tommy, good luck xx
  12. kayg

    Techno Parrot

    Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me & hubby in stitches.
  13. kayg


    hello and welcom
  14. kayg

    Hi all

    Hello and welcome to you and Tracy & Alice.