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  1. no he wasnt from there heres how i got him : one day i went to my aunties house with my dad and she had this parrot an african grey congo and she kept him covered at all hours of the day because of the noise he made whenever people went near him which was growling i felt real sorry for him the only time she opened the cover up was to feed him and he often screamed the house down. and might aunt said she was trying to sell him and i was 14 so i begged my dad loads to get him for me and then one day when i got back from school my dad came home and said i have a suprise for you and walked me to the car and there he was the screaming african grey i was excited we found a place for him to go left him uncovered and i read up in books and online about african grey congos and got loads of infomation. when ever we walked past him we said hello and moved slowly around him and moved slowly when changing his food and water. we only covered him at night and when i saved £100 i bought him a new and much bigger cage for him cause he was in a small round cage it took well over an hour to get him into the new cage but managed in the end then after about a year he calmed down he came out through that yeareventually he put his head down for me to stroke him and aall went well from there the main key to all of this is patients and it works cause now he is an excillent pet sits on my arm never growls talks and whistles alot and loves the attention he gets so it all paid off. my dad paid £80 for him which really we shouldve got him free as my aunt didnt care for him right. when we moved from london to essex we got a close friend to clip his wings(he does his own parrots) which i no now wouldnt really help with the taming proccess and i regret doing that now but im no longer getting his wings clipped as they are back to normal. the rope one looks more exciting where is it possible to get one like that or is it makable?
  2. obviously no one is interested
  3. ive decided that im gonna take em out when i get a brooder sorted cause i read around and was said the remove the chick if the parents start plucking them cause they will die. not only that but the weather is getting colder everyday its freezing out there i also read that the cockatiels wont keep them warm through the tempreture but will by time.
  4. ive got them out now and looks like the youngest one has got more bruises
  5. i have fed a newly hatched budgie chick by hand but left it with the parents (the parents didnt feed the first 2 chicks so i fed one a couple of times and then the mother started to feed them) im getting a thormometre today just in case. and i will check on the chicks in an hour. when i had a quick peek looks as though the youngest has a big bruise on its back. i know no other breeders around this area. i know roughly how often they need feeding but not intirly sure about the temperature. my pair have successfully reared 2 chicks before this clutch in the aviary with budgies. and 1 pair of budgies has successfully reared 2 clutches in the aviary. any way the weather is starting to get cold so i wont let them breed anymore. till weather picks up. but im not gonna remove the boxes till these chicks are out or being reared by me
  6. i no its horrible. yes i have other birds in the aviary (budgies, finches) i never see the budgies going in there.
  7. well one died of unknown cause but had cuts. second died of accidently being dropped by someone. eldest is 3 weeks old today the other is 2 weeks and 3 days old
  8. i can see bruises on em. theres 2 chicks but was 4
  9. no its only 1 pair of cockatiels that i have. i also breed budgies n finches. i am will to hand rear them if needed. i will just keep an eye on them and see how they go. though i might temp to hand rear one anyway if i can find the correct info
  10. hiya i have 2 cockatiels a male n female and is on there second clutch and i think there hurting the chicks and i have notice a bunch of pin feathers are missing its kinda worrying me cause i have also found some bruises on them. with a previous clutch all went fine no loss of pin feathers then when the chicks fledged the parents started to pull feathers out of them. so what should i do please help
  11. you got any pictures of something like that
  12. observing him whilst eating would be hard as i go to college from 7am to 6pm. so counting might be the best method for me lol. well atm im just tryng to look for the price
  13. ok great thanks i will try that with him then. well when i get the food. what kind of food would you recommend that can be found in normal petshops
  14. thanks for that info i will try that daily. one thing is i dont think i will be able to hold his feet as he is only semi tame and doesnt like to be touched all the time which i should've added but he is good when it comes to getting him in and out of the cage on to my hand
  15. i know that works with fruits n veg. but in his everyday diets. instead of a bowl full of sunflower seeds
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