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  1. Just wanted to remind everyone bout the new series starting on Thursday , should be interesting Bye fer now
  2. Eek :oops: i hope i dont upset everyone ,, i'll cut out the picture and throw the paper away
  3. Oops ! :roll: Hi jemjem why dont you like the sun ? I think its a great comic
  4. Greetings peepls This story just gets better :shock: I got a phone call last week from the Sun newspaper , they have heard about me and Macauley and wanted to do a story with photos and could they send a photographer , He came on Sunday and got some good pictures , i'm told it will be out soon :roll: can't give you a date yet but they told me they would let me know when ! But dont expect to see me on the bonnet of my van in a bikini for page 3 :oops: the very thought is shocking :wink: Bye all Hass
  5. Hi everyone Just had a photographer round taking pictures for the launch of the new Animal Planet series I'm told the series starts on August 7th and the pictures are to promote the show for the website I'll be curious to see what they look like when it goes live ! Keep you all posted if i hear anymore 8-[ Hass
  6. Hi VLee :wink: Yep that was me i'm afraid , that little bit of exposure has got my phone ringing as well , people calling looking for a plumber with a parrot its all good business ..... Chews a lucky guy =D> he's got his own bra to play with See ya all soon Hass x
  7. Hi everyone , thanks for all the lovely replys , i'll keep you all updated
  8. Hi Peeps I got a phone call this morning from a film crew working on Animal Planet , " could we film you and your parrot please , we heard the story about you getting rescued by the fire service with your parrot " .......... Heres the email they sent me ...... Hi Hass. It was nice talking to you today. I thought I would give you a bit more information about our company and the show. Dog In A Box is a new TV Production company (if you look at the website you will see why we are called that). It was set up by my husband Lawrence Barraclough and the dog is our English Bull Terrier. We have worked on shows such as Police Patrol for ITV4 and independent documentaries such as Michael Scott: A Changing Man. Animal Crackers is a very successful show on the Discovery Network channel Animal Planet, which focuses on the relationships between animals and their owners. The channel broadcasts internationally. So... back to you. I read about you and your parrot and would like to come and film. I will also try and get to talk to the fire service guys. I have pencilled the shoot in for 10am on Wednesday 19th March, but if this is a problem please let me know. I will need your address and contact numbers for you, and I would like to know if your wife is ok for being on camera? If she is, we can talk to her too about the relationship you have with your parrot as well, and I also need to know if the customers you visit will mind being on camera too. I think that's probably enough to think about for now, so I will be in touch soon. Kind regards Nicola Nicola Barraclough Assistant Producer/Researcher Watch this space and i'll keep you informed of any progress
  9. Hey Jackie how are you darling Your grandson is so loved , i've got pictures of him on my dashboard and one of his feathers :cry: Heres something funny , i clipped his wings and gave him one of the feathers back LMAO he tried to put it back !!! he spent a good 10 minutes trying to put this feather back on his wing but it kept falling off Ring you soon Jackie XX EEK !! :shock: Before anyone tells me off i bought Macauley an Aviator harness and i'm not clipping his wings again
  10. Hi everyone Thanks for all the nice replys , i've got piccys sorted out now ....hope you all enjoy them ................
  11. Thanx for that .....i forgot to mention the fireman told me off for climbing on the roof ( 64 feet ) without a ladder but hey .. i had to get my baby back
  12. Hi everyone Thought i'd post this for a laugh , i can tell you all it wasn't very funny at the time .........but i got my baby back I'll try to post some pics
  13. Hi All I'm new to this forum and found it by accident , :shock: i'm looking to buy a blue and gold macaw and cant find any reputable ( or any breeders ) in my area , i was hoping that the combined brains on this forum could perhaps help ,,,,, my number is 07877 400785 or my website is jhplumbingandheating.org.uk any help would be appreciated Thanks Gasman :wink:
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