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  1. can anyone advise a senagel parrot in good health is picking at his bottom and pulling at the internal part of his vent it looks like elastic string being stretched out then goes back in, otherwise seems in good health
  2. So far i have bred AG and a pair of senagels are sitting at moment, there is plenty of natural light in bird room, although most have access to outside flights as well, but due to noise i lock them in at night to let them out in morning after most people are up for their morning chorus, the lights are kept on till 11pm. all though all pairs are showing signs for breeding chewing digging etc. and if i say so my self have a very good varied diet thats as far as its gone.
  3. please advise i have a few pairs of AG, a pair of orange winged ams, senegals, blach headed cauiques and a few conures
  4. Thanks David, i've been reading how challenging behaviour from pet parrots is being overcome by making sure they have 12 hrs quite time, as in a normal household the day can start at 6am and not finish until 11pm, it made me think about how much lighting time i provide after dusk, i will work on a 12 hr cycle and monitor how the birds accept this,
  5. The birdoom has natural light which is fine in the summer but come winter the daylight hours are much reduced, most my birds have access to outside flights but without having the noise enviroment people coming down on me i have to be thoughtful how early and late i let them use the flights, but this has diversed slightly off the question
  6. When breeding in my early days with seedeaters it was the norm to give extra light in the birdroom to encourage breeding. Could i please have parrot breeders experience on how many hours they provide light for as there seems to be a new thought process for less hours to encourage breeding parrots.
  7. paullee


    He might be hinting at your husbands deodorant or he wants his own
  8. I have to do supervised contact on saturday, for two of my fosterred children, i play the part and make`sure the kid and thier mum have agood time ( i'm getting to sentimentle time to go )
  9. I never knew him. but through others sentiments, feel your loss, be strong
  10. Thinking about it i might over indulge myself in watching the birds WELL THE WIFE SAYS I DO
  11. What can i say, congratulations, these kids make my life worth while, very good luck for the future and i would love to here how things go
  12. Thanks for that but i hav'ent heard of that is there anyone else out there that has used this
  13. Hi i'm so glad for you both we have adopted a disabled boy Dan Dan when he was 6 mths old he is know 20 hard work but adorable we also have 3 foster kids 5 +5 +11 yrs old and enjoying every minuit hopefully there is more to come
  14. This dna check place helped me from trying to breed a pr of conures that was sold as a pair and turned out tro be 2 males
  15. Thanks for reply, its hard to explain but i watch them no more then the rest of my birds african grays, senegals, conures, and black caped cauqus' all the ones i've had for a while are doing fine ,i don;t over indulge in my presence, but i appreciate where your coming from
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