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  1. It all depends on what you want to use it for. For a more action orientated gamer, the Xbox 360 or PS3 might be better, but for the casual gamer, or family orientated gamer, the Wii is king! I've had one since last Christmas, and it's the only console I've ever owned where everyone wants to play, from my 4 year old son to my 74 year old father-in-law! This Christmas we played Guitar Hero World Tour (guitar, bass, drums and singer) and even got my Mom singing! We also played 4 player Smarty Pants, a brilliant quiz game. Steve
  2. Hi All Has anyone seen or heard from southmed lately? Alfie and Elmo were due to be re-homed, but the last contact was over 3 weeks ago. The week we'd agreed to do the re-home has been and gone with no contact, and he hasn't read my PM either. Steve
  3. I made something from the same fittings, and I used vetwrap (from eBay) to wrap around the pipes. My two wouldn't go on it until I did this, even thought I sanded the pipes to make them more grippy! Steve
  4. Problems like this are why I always make sure that I save my data on a different drive to the one that Windows is installed on. That way, you can re-format the C: drive and your data (on a different partition) will be safe. I'd second the "take the drive out, put it into a caddy and attach it to another PC" to get to the data, but I'd also add make sure that the PC you're using has adequate anti-virus software, just in case it is something on the HDD which could be causing the problem. You could try - Going into the BIOS, and disabling things like the network card, USB ports etc. and see if that makes any difference to this problem. - Booting from an XP install CD, and doing a "repair" installation. Steve
  5. I hate to do this, 'cause it would be really cool if a 98 year old did this, but this one has been doing the rounds for years http://www.snopes.com/business/bank/takethat.asp Steve
  6. Alfie is still, as yet, unsexed. We'll see how it goes for now. Steve
  7. Well, things are going well. Alfie and Elmo are in the mahoosive cage, and we take the divider out to give them time together. The other night, we did this, and then got distracted doing something else (housework, or something equally stimulating!) By the time we got back into the lounge, their lights had gone off on the timer as usual, so it was bed time for them. We peered into the cage to see them cuddled up next to each other on the same perch, ready for bed! Gobsmacked doesn't really explain our reaction! We haven't put the divider back in since. There's the occasional squawking and aggro, but they are Caiques after all! Last night we were late covering the cage up. I went over to the cage and they were both in Alfies bedroom. Alfie has a medium Peekaboo Perch Tent: which is big enough for him, but two is a tight squeeze, so they have to face opposite directions and sort of crouch/lie down next to each other. I'll have to see if I can get a photo, 'cause it looked very odd, sort of like birdie pushmi-pullyu! Elmo still only tolerates me, but he's happy enough with Alfie, and that's what's important. Steve
  8. For spending in the States, try a Fairfx card (http://www.fairfx.com). It's a Mastercard which you buy currency for, to fill it up before you go. The advantage of this is that you know the rate which you'll get ('cause you've already bought the currency) and their rates are normally a lot better than anywhere else (I checked yesterday, and the Post Office were offering $1.92/£, while Fairfx were offering $1.97/£). As it's a Mastercard, it's accepted in all of the places you'd expect. There are some links that you can find which will get one for free, or if you put more than £500 when you "buy" it, it's free. We're going to get one for our holiday to Florida in September. Steve
  9. It's 2cm bar spacing on this cage. Elmo's in his half, honest! I've circled him to show you where he was hiding! There's another UV light on Alfie's side as well, but it's hidden by Alfie's copy of the Yellow Pages! Steve
  10. Well, I was following the suggestions from here, and it seems to be working! Elmo will now step up onto my hand without leaving me bleeding, but I can see after a short while that he starts getting a bit antsy, so I leave him alone. All in all, we're making good progress! Steve
  11. Hi All Just thought I'd update this thread. I got a Palace type cage from ebay for a bargain price! It's in the lounge at the moment: :arrow: http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm55/steveandjo/Alfie%20and%20Elmo/IMG_2734.jpg As you can see, it's huge, and the W.A.F. (wife acceptance factor) is extremely low! I think we're going to have to move things around and move this cage into the dining room. Still close enough to us, and all the normal comings and goings, but not in such a noticeable area! Steve
  12. Hi All I've got two Black Headed Caiques who will most likely need a holiday home at the beginning of September for a couple of weeks (our exact holiday dates are still pending) They can come with their own cages, toys, food etc. We've got relatives who'll stay at our place and look after the dogs/rabbits/fish, but they're not too keen on birds! I'm close to Basingstoke, so closer is better, but I'll travel a fair distance if neccessary. Cheers Steve
  13. We've considered this. Any ideas, Caique people? We might have to get Alfie sexed, so we can be sure. If it turns out that Alfie is female (Matthew will have to come up with another name!), at what age are caiques considered "mature"? Would there be any potential problems keeping a cock and hen Caique together if we don't want to breed? Would it be cruel to keep them together (if we ever get to that stage!) and not allow them to breed? Steve
  14. He's always been cuddly with both of us, so he wasn't really switched from one to another, just switched off from me! Jo's careful not to touch his back or under his wings. I'm trying this at the moment. Sticks are a no-no, as he seems very scared of them. I'll try this and let's see what happens. It's not just the bite, it's the way he grinds his beak from side to side when he's holding on! Steve
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