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  1. yeah hes only one and quiet the character already
  2. lol, no georgies a petz conure or half moon as there known in the usa, my photobucket wouldnt let me log in for half hour odd the pics here now thanks for waiting
  3. Hi i have an amazon i bought as a blue front but i am much confused as to whether he is or could be a orange wing as sometimes people sell them as this for profit. It doesnt matter either way what he is i would love to know just in case a mate ever came up for him, could he be a cross? Help...and answers?
  4. Got my first breeding pair of green cheeks, was wondering if anyone had any good information sites or links that might give me a bit more info, there only about 6months so plenty of time theyve taken to each other really well with lots of cuddles and cleaning each other.
  5. its not a painted they have white feathers on each side of their heads
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