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  1. That is so true, mine don’t miss a trick, especially Willow when it comes to computer mice, tv remotes, favourite mugs, left unattended.
  2. Yay πŸ˜πŸ‘‹ to all! Was only thinking about parrot link the other day. Still got my greys, Willow and Daisy, and yes they still hate each other, more than ever. Good to see some familiar names and look forward to seeing more, and new members of course.
  3. Take my two greys camping every year! I use dog crates as temporary cages and they don't seem to find it upsetting at all, just the opposite.
  4. Muck room is about right! Up to 6 ft high in some places, all my books splattered All clean now though......and I'd do it again.......but been told 'no more' by OH. Then he says 'not that it makes the slightest difference what I say'! True.
  5. Thanks folks! The woman who took her seemed quite informed about ducks and will do her best I'm sure. Having taken on a full time job it's hard enough making sure my parrots get the care and attention they need, let alone care for wild creatures. Luckily I work shifts so generally I'm home either mornings or afternoons and my chap, being self employed, can help out so they do not get left for more than 2 to 4 hours at a time, plus they are only in cages at night, having the run of conservatory and outside aviary. Right I guess it's time to put on some old clothes and clean out the duck I mean back bedroom. There is, well I don't want to think about what it is, splattered all over mirrors, books etc and loads of old towels that need scraping from duck poop, soaking in bleach, then washed. I will put an update on here, in a few days, on how she is doing. Wonder if I could start some sort of scheme to clean up that bit of river as a lot of ducks use it, and other wildlife. Oh to have more time and money eh? The area could actually make a lovely inner city wildlife area. Goes off to clean and dream!
  6. Well I hope I've done the right thing. She's gone to a 'wild life' rescue and won't be in quite the unsuitable comfort to which she has become accustomed for the last week. The woman there seemed very genuine and thought it may be lead poisoning, from which she will hopefully recover as she is already so much better. When she had her 'bath' this morning, she had no problem keeping her balance and was doing proper ducky type things with lots of tail wagging. She also had much more strength in her legs and could actually walk a step or two before collapsing. A far cry from last week when she hardly lifted her head. Her poos have occasionally been a pale but quite bright green which seems to fit with metal poisoning. I wish I had the time to have nursed her more and seen the job through but I didn't so there we are. I asked if I could ring to see how she is and that's fine.
  7. Well Saffy Duck is still very much alive. Have been working 13 hour shifts the last two days, getting home, giving her a warm water 'bath' and clean out, fresh food, eating, spending time with and cleaning parrots and surrounding area, showering, cleaning out Saffy again, going to bed about one am and up at 5:30, cleaning out and feeding her before work at 7 am. Bit tired now! . Weekend off Have come to conclusion that wild ducks are not meant to be kept in small bedrooms. She seems much more alert - and feisty. Their bills might be long but nothing compared to a parrot beak though. Her balance in water is better but falls over on land. She's eating well, pooping like....which look perfectly normal so don't think it's any infection. Infact she would be fine if she could balance. I cannot cope with this for much longer but she is not ready to go back to the wild so time to contact some recues to see if they can take over.
  8. not for a whole year! But a couple this year - with parrots of course!
  9. Good idea PM I've got a fox waiting for me in the garden right now but that's another story! And a couple of badgers visiting regularly. My chap built an aviary bit onto the conservatory, there are pics somewhere in cyber space on here. The floor is paving stones but since Willow uses it a lot I assume it's not suitable. At the moment she is in a bedroom, a cluttered one at that where I dry cloths when weather is bad - like most of the time. All I can say is if you think parrots are messy............not exactly suitable. I don't even have a bath, only a shower which will take a large plastic box for a bath for her. Working full time I can't cope with this for long though, parrots are not happy about sharing me either. Don't worry June - not hinting! June - how much Epsom salts should I use?
  10. Well she looks better this morning and possibly better balance, sitting up more by herself, rather than flopping over looking miserable. Luckily I have two garden ponds which I created myself. The water is beautifully clear and wildlife only, no fish. I have never used chemicals using the plant balance to keep them this way so. I dread to think what she may have consumed in the river she came from, lots of rubbish thrown in, especially empty cans of strong larger/cider from two local homeless hostels, one of which I am working in. It was one of the hostel residents that brought her into us. Would I find grapefruit extract in health/whole food shop or have to order from the net? I still have some mediprim June sent me for the wood pigeon, if any good.
  11. June that is so wonderful - got tears in my eyes my eyes. Thank you so much for taking her and please thank your friend - and YA BOO SUCKS to those who told me to ring her neck (no one from this site I hasten to add). Also thanks for advice re my mallard but will stick to the wildlife forum here for further comment.
  12. Next to where I work (in the middle of Bristol) there is the river Frome (I think) and someone brought a female mallard duck from there, to our attention. He was carrying her and said she couldn't walk. Someone rung the RSPCA who said to put her back in the river. He was about to do so when I stepped in to say I'd take her home to check her out. She had no balance and I'm sure she would drown or make one of Bristols' inner city foxes very happy. This was probably not the best thing to do but I've always been a sucker for lame ducks (got there first - but it's true). Two days later she is very much alive. There is no indication of a break or any obvious leg problems but she is unable to walk, stand or even sit upright without support. She just topples over onto her side or even her back, legs in the air. The situation is little better in water but a dip in a large container of tepid water does seem to perk her up. I was a bit concerned that I hadn't seen her eat, only drink when in water. Having had her water session this afternoon, when I got back from work, I put her in a large clean dog rate. I had put a plastic dog food bowl of fresh water in (which Willow likes to bathe in) and the poor little duck managed to fall in. I was about to rescue her when I realised she was eating some pond week I had put in it, so I put the contents of the food bowl in too and she tucked in, on her side, lying in it. Reassuring myself she wasn't at risk of drowning I left her to it. I should have realised that mallards like to eat things in water. The way she has looked at times I'm surprised she is still alive but she does seem a little livelier now. I've always loved ducks but no absolutely nothing about them and havn't been able to find much on feeding wild ones. I should imagine it varies as in differing parrot species. I do know bread shouldn't be on their menu. Being the weekend and at work for most of it I have had to improvise with lettuce, alfalfa,grapes,Canadian pond weed and a couple of snails and some poultry pellets that say they are ok for ducks and a few dried mealworms with a little wild bird seed. Her poos appear ok but I'm no expert on consistency etc of duck poo. I have trawled the net with her symptoms and it seems to be a common problem but no real answers or advice. There have been suggestions of botulism,worms and something called Hardware disease, which is basically metal poisoning from their habit of eating things like coins. The latter seems most likely looking at what gets chucked into the scruffy inner city river she has been living in, which would not be good news. However it also seems to be just something that happens to ducks and may or may not get better. Any ideas folks? I know I have interfered with Nature and could be prolonging her suffering and RSPCA/PDsa/most vets would put her to sleep. I had initially thought it would be just a leg splint and rest but it is obviously more serious than that. There is also a chance that I'm putting Willow and Daisy at risk from a possible infection though being careful. She spent the first night in the shed but now in my spare bedroom as so cold. I have a day off tomorrow Monday, so will research some more, local wildlife sanctuaries etc and all suggestions, apart from combining her with orange, will be welcome. Will put some pics up so you can see more clearly what's happening.
  13. What a lovely welcome back - feel all warm inside. Will have to do an update in parrot diaries but in answer to you questions Net YES DAISY CAN FLY! This has been a quite recent event and landing is not her best talent but the other day she managed to fly from her cage, round a corner and land on my shoulder. She still loves me and only me but seems much happier generally. Willow is as sassy and naughty as ever. They are not what you would call best buddies but certainly tolerate each other. June - are you telling me that the little one winged wood pigeon I brought to you is now a mum?
  14. Took a wood pigeon to June and never even bothered to say thank you And the longer it got the more embarressed I felt and the longer I left it......etc etc. So a big cyber hug to anyone that might remember me and 'hellooo' to anyone that doesn't. Willow and Daisy, my african greys say 'hi' too (and other things I wouldn't like to mention on a family orientated site). I have finally done it - hooray! Alot to catch up with I'm sure and I see some familiar names still about. I found this site over 5 years ago when a timneh decided to land in my garden and started a passion for parrots that's not gone away. I remember thinking how strange it was - all these 'adults' referring to themselves as parroty mums and dads with their 'fids'. It didn't stay strange for long
  15. If I start sweeping/mopping the conservatory floor while Willow is in there, she immediately flies to the nearest thing she can make a mess with and starts ripping it up, checking that bits of paper etc are dropping into the area just cleaned. She does it every time, without fail. Little darling likes to make sure I am kept occupied!
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