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  1. Thank you for your replies, Just an update The found African Grey which we have nicknamed Mack, seems to be responding well to treatment, He has started eating and is being given water through a syringe. The vet says it's still touch and go. But I would love nothing more than to reunite him with his family, but when he is better he will stay with me and my two Greys untill his family is found. Thank you again for your support and I will keep you updated on his/Her progress.
  2. Hiya I have been keeing you Updated about Kaife who flew away In July last year. I got a call this morning saying someone had found her injured. They took it to the local vets who did nothing for it so I collected it and too it to our avian vet in Bedford who is now treating it. I rushed there only to find it's not my bird. IS ANYONE MISSING AN AFRICAN GREY PARROT FROM ROUND THE BUCKS AREA? THIS IS NOT THE PARROT MISSING FROM MILTON KEYNES. IT IS CURRNTLY AT THE VET RECEIVING TREATMENT. PLEASE CALL TAMMY ON 07771681961 is you believe it to be yours.
  3. Hiya just a quick update. Kaife went missing in July 07 almost a year later she is still in the Village of Mursley and i'm still no closer to getting her home. She has become quite the village charater. I'm really pleased she is doing so well, but so frushtrated that she is happier living wild than being spoilt at home. My heart goes out to all those other people that have lost a feathered friend, Hopefully my experience have given many of you more hope knowing that a Grey Can suvive the winter and living wild. I would rather know that my Kaife is happy and Healthy living wild than not knowing where or what she's doing or if she's even alive. I Will keep you all posted on her progress, but i have to enjoy her from a distance.
  4. Today I have found a Male Grey Cockatiel sitting in my neighbours tree he seems happy and friendly. I have been talking to him and he has been responding by whistling, he seems to have found comfort in chatting to my African Greys through the window. Please contact me on 07771681961 if you have lost him..........
  5. Well ive been to see her today and took my other african grey with me, well Kaife just ignored her completely and sat in the highest tree possible. i'm gonna keep visiting and talking to her and hopefully eventully i will gain her trust, and she will come down, but till then I will let her be for now. She will know when she wants to come home.
  6. Thank you, I have found an old couple who she is visiting every day for food and water, but as she is living with pigeons she has become scatty, I do have another Grey who is misssing her and will try your idea tomorrow when I go back, unfortunatly I do not have a spare cage as Kaife escaped from a summer aviary, but was semi hand tame and the cage I have is being used by my greys for the winter, I can't see her wanting to go near a cage she's enjoying herself. I'm going to put leaflets through all the letterboxes in the village with her infomation on and stating a reward for her safe capture and return hoping this will get me help from the locals. Other than this I can't think of anything else but to wait till she gets fed up.
  7. 5 months ago I lost my African Grey called Kaife, I got a call last night from a guy who has seen a Grey living wild in his village for the last 4 months. So today I went to have a look and Wow there's Kaife living wild in this village called Mursley in Buckingham and has become quite popular with the locals. Unfortunatly she doesn't want to be caught I spent all day in 0 degree weather trying to coax her down but came home empty handed...... :cry: Does anyone have any ideas? I thought she would be pleased to see me but she's still having a great time........
  8. Hiya yeah ive spoken to this person, but he hasn't caught it yet, he is going to try his best, But cannot identify till bird is caught. I hope it's a happy ending. 4 months of not knowing is killing me. but hopefully it turns out to be Kaife.
  9. Just an update, My African Grey Kaife went missing on 31.07.2007 from Milton Keynes, she is still missing, i'm starting to wonder if she will ever come home, Has someone found her and given her a new home or has the unmentionable happened, I hate not knowing. I know there is still hope, but it's getting colder now and miss my baby so much............... Please keep eyes and ears open............
  10. Thank you for your replies, still had no sightings of her yet. She is probably still having too much of a good time. I am hoping she will get get bored soon and hand herself in somewhere. But ive not lost hope yet.
  11. I lost my 4 year old African Grey from Milton keynes on 31/07/07 she answers to Kaife and has been spotted in Buckingham 10 miles from my home. Please can everybody in the surrounding areas please keep your eyes and ears open as she has been missing for 4 weeks now and i'm really worried about her. I have contacted the member who found an African Grey in Bicester i'm just waiting for a reply from them. Kaife loves apples and is quite friendly to people but she can bite. I am offering a reward for her safe return. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!![/img]
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