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  1. Good idea! Didnt think of that... Once every half hour? Wow lol! Thanks everyone!
  2. Lol yeah I know what you mean! Ill look out for a bit of bum wiggling then lol. How often is a conure going to poop? Lol, nice thread Thanks!
  3. Heres a stupid question for you all to answer lol.... When you have your bird sat on your shoulder is there anything you can do to stop it pooping on your back?! Im getting mine soon and wouldnt much enjoy changing my top all day long!
  4. Thats OK then I can cope with a conures noise, I have 2 cockatiels aswell and I got used to the noise from them quite easily! I cant wait to get it, Im so excited!
  5. Im getting one of these in mid November time, just wondering what its like living with them? Are they noisy? Can they learn to talk? Thanks
  6. Aww thats great! Im curious too, how far did he get and how was he found?
  7. There are 2 reports of Greys going missing in Bristol. One went missing yesterday though so not that one, the other advert doesnt have a date when it went missing, but has been posted today. I will PM you number just incase. Just make sure you ask WHEN it went missing first incase they claim it to be theres anyway. Goodluck!
  8. Hello, welcome to the site. Im from Bristol aswell. Glad you got her inside nice and safe!
  9. Thanks for explaining that! I thought so just wanted to double check! Thankyou
  10. Im getting a conure! I dont know much about 'morphs' in birds but its a green cheek and could be a 'blue cinnamon' or 'blue' sorry to be REALLY dumb here, but are they still a green cheeked even though its got blue colouring..? Im so thick lol! Im getting it mid November time as have only just hatched I cant wait!!!!!!!
  11. Ive got 2 bearded dragons (Angel and Shrek), 1 chameleon (MoJo), 3 crested geckos (Jaffa, the others dont have names yet!) and a corn snake (Rose). Im getting a conure in mid November now so expect me around pestering you all with questions from now on!
  12. They are cute! Ive always wanted a hand reared one of them too. Ive heard a hand reared cockatiel is one of the best birds you can get!
  13. Thts true.... then I could have one of each... Ill see what comes up, a cockatiel or a conure, if one comes up near me, its mine!
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