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  1. btw, anyone try this product: PLUCK NO MORE. anyone try it before and any comment for this. the product website: http://www.kingscages.com
  2. YES, when the new feather come out (just now) every day my feeling not so good, i afraid one day he pulled them out again. Also, he didn't play the toys, that means nothing he will do only focus on plucking the feather and eating only. Now he will come in my room get free for more than 4 hours, i will also switch on the radio, let him listen some songs. am i right? anything else i can do for him
  3. um, no improve. I can say i feel he get worse. I try to set up my room let him come in everyday, see see will it be better
  4. I feel frustrate. He still plucking his features. I try to bring him out of the cages, I know the time may not enough, even my lunch hour i back home and play with him but he still can't stop. I don't know what can i do now. :cry: May be i am not a suitable owner for him...................
  5. taken on June 07 http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc281/fishball_album/070605_0006_1.jpg http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc281/fishball_album/070605_0004_1.jpg taken today http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc281/fishball_album/070727_0020.jpg http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc281/fishball_album/070727_0007.jpg http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc281/fishball_album/070727_0002.jpg Dear all, any comment for my baby??
  6. if he is in breeding condition, does it mean he may have 5 years old already??
  7. i try to read the article about PLUCKING AND/OR SNIPPING FEATHERS "The best thing to do with a macaw that is not growing the feathers back is to put it on a detox using aloe Vera, this is very safe so you can put it in the water,mix it in the food and if you can get hold of a plant cut the leaves up and give to the bird and on top of that you can spray the bird with it,give this All at once every day. The bird can stay on this for as long as it takes, I would normally expect to see new growth with in a week to 10 days." If i try this method, is it add the aloe vera into the food and spray the bird every day, also how much should i feed him. Sorry so many question to ask??? (my english is not good enough to understand ar)
  8. thanks MadMudMob i will study the information, it's useful
  9. Yes everyday i will spray him because i think HK is too hot la and everyweek if the weather is good he will have a bath. I give him chilli and blueberry everyday, sometime will have banana and apple, depend on what i have at home Now he live in the cage which is 30"(w) and 16"(h) is it too small??? actually i didn't have experience in keeping a parrot before, pigpig is much much better than me. When we found him at end of March on the street, we think not much people willing to keep this bird, so i bring him back home, but I still need time to arrange my six dog family, they never live with bird. To avoid any accident, I will not let the parrot go out too much, I will open the cage and play with him.
  10. Thanks pigpig I am his master. Let me give some more information for his daily diet I feed him Kaytee mix with RB dry food+chilli every day Supplement like Quikon Seaweed-Liquid 1time per week could you please give us some suggestion?
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