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  1. Ive just put in a 60w 1foot tubular heater into my aviary. hopefully it will give a little bit of warmth on cold nights........ does this thing take long to heat up? because when i first switched it on awhile ago it wasnt giving out much heat
  2. im still not sure whether i should get a tubular heater, or a heat lamp.......... can i use a dimmer instead of a thermostat to reduce and/or increase heat?
  3. what size tubular heater would be good for 6ft x 3 ft aviary? and is it best i mount it high? or mount it on the floor facing upwards?
  4. Hey everyone, ive just built my quakers an aviary, and i wish to get a heat lamp / brooder light so they can stay warm on cold nights. can anybody direct me in the right way? how many watts does it have to be? and which ones should i be looking to get?
  5. ive almost completed my aviary now, its made from 2" x 1" timber, and 1" x 1/2" 16g galv wire mesh. The final size of the aviary is 6ft x 3ft, im hoping this is enough for them for the mean time (better than being in an indoor cage). ill post pics up once i get round to it......
  6. How would a 1" x 1" 16g be for quakers? i dont reckon they can get through that
  7. i cant seem to find anywhere who sells 16g at a decent price. any ideas?
  8. Hey everyone, i was hoping to get your views and opinions on how i should build my aviary for a pair of quakers. my plan is to build a 1.5m x 2m with dual doors so they cant escape whilst i go in. in terms of the wire mesh, i have found a 19Gauge 1"x1/2" 36" wide 30m long for £40. would this type of wire mesh do the job? is the thickness ok for a quaker?
  9. Hey guys, ive been keeping a close eye on him for the past dew days now, hes much more better, he has even started bathing him self in a tub of water im glad hes fine now, i nearly swallowed my toungue when i saw him shivelled up, i literally thought he was dead, thank you all for your help
  10. I kept it on my bed with a little towel covering his wings, i also put some water in his mouth, he got up and flew on top of his cage, so i got him and put him inside the cage, hes now just resting, hes moving abit better now, ill see how he gets on
  11. Hi, i have a quaker parrot who i let out the cage today. whilst he was flying he flew into a closed window really fast, and dropped heavily. hes now just lying down not moving at all, he keeps opening and closing his eyes, and has shivelled up his feet, what is up? is he about to die? Urgent replies much appreciated
  12. Hey guys, im very happy to say that i am now the proud owner of a Quaker! I have got him a nice big cage so thats sorted as well. I was just wondering whether there was any special advice you guys could give me in looking after my bird as it is my first time owning a quaker ( i previously had budgies). What sort of toys would be suitable? what fould to give? what treats to give? what not to feed him? and etc. Anyones input will be very highly appreciated.
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