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  1. Brillant!! thats great news. fantastic on the selling and new babies, i bet your really excited. What are your view on breeding african greys in the winter? Sorry for all the question just you seem really nice, i hope you don't mind me asking!! I have one breeding pair of greys that i have had for the last 5 years and this year was the first time the produced chicks! I have had 2 clutches, the second clutch of 2 chicks only being 4 weeks old. I have a second pair bonding as the signs are looking really good for mating, when i let them in together in there new avairy!! fingers crossed. thanks for all the advice. kelley
  2. what are your views on split rings? also which are best steel or aluminuim sorry i can't spell? thanks for all your advice!! kelley
  3. Hi thanks for the advice!! Sorry I am picking your brains a little, what is the safest way to collect the blood from the babies? Any luck in selling your chicks yet? thanks again kelley
  4. Hi sorry this is now of a question than an instrest in buying your birds, that look amazing!!! I was just wondering how your sex your greys also where you buy the rings for them and what are the best ones to use? Thanks kelley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Edited by LAM to say Questions split from African Grey baby parrots - hand reared - gorgeous! (Bucks) https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/19028-african-grey-baby-parrots-hand-reared-gorgeous-bucks/ to form their own thread
  5. Hi there i was just wondering if anyone had some information on dna sexing your birds. I have 2 african grey parrots at 3 1/2 weeks old, and wanted them sexed, i have heard you can swap there mouths, pluck feathers, or take blood but where do i send it and which is the best way? firstly the chicks don't have feathers, thanks if anyone know how to help me. kelley and helen
  6. Hi thanks very much. i was just worried that i would tire her out, i was going to leave 1 of the chicks for parents rearing and then one for hand rearing. thanks for your advice kelley
  7. Hi there thanks for your advice!! well i normally take there box away after they have bred, it is really good for them as they come out and play with there toys and have a little relax. I was just worried can they mate more than once a year, i don't want to tire her out as they are bigger birds and live for longer. thanks very much kelley
  8. Hi there i was just wondering if you could help me, i have hand reared many chicks before so this is not a problem. I have removed both chicks from the nest box, i was just wondering weather i should leave the parents with the box and they go down again or take it awaY? hope you can help thanks kelley
  9. HI there i would suggest the aviator as this comes with a dvd showing you how to use the harness correctly also shows you how to get the birds used to it and train them. would reccomend this highly thanks kelley
  10. thanks very much just going to try it now!!!
  11. Hi thanks very much well i posted it 2 weeks ago, not sure of the date but pay pal haven't taken any money yet. So i guess i didn't send it or it didn't go through properly should i do it again? or wait a little longer? K&H Birds
  12. Hi there this is kelley from K and H birds, i subscribed to your trader forms but they still won't let me post adds!! not sure weather my subscription worked or do they take a few days to come through? any help would be great thanks K & H Birds
  13. hi This is kelley and helen. We have been breeding Birds for 7 years now, but have own birds since i was three, now i am 17 and own many birds. I have bred cockatiels, Rosella, Ringneck Parrakeet and African Greys. I was just wondering if you could help me i am looking to sell some of my birds. I advertise on flockintiels and in the local shops i was just wondering if there was anyway else i could put up some adverts. When i Breed i hand rear all my chicks and train them, at the moment train to the avaiator harness seems to be very popular when selling. well this is a brillant sight, i hope you can help me this would be brillant thank very much. kelley and helen
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