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    Help sudden change in behaviour

    We have a large hen who is called CoCo she is a rehome we have had her for 5 weeks, about 3 days ago whilst i was playing with her she went for me,this was only after about 3 and a half hours playing with her, she took the side of my finger blood went every were i was in so much pain trying not to let it show, just wanting to get some cold water over my finger. Next day went to feed her she was a saint ?????????? The next day after that again been playing with her she gave me a least 6 regurgitated nuts so loving i thought the next thing was the excorset missile to my first finger on my right hand again blood was flowing. We have changed nothing we are always the same towards them. We have found out that CoCo when first bought the owners could not cope so through things at the cage,so a friend took her to look after. The new owner could not spend the time with her so we now have her. She is comming along better than we thought. Parrots can change in a mo and they can sulk for england. so if anything has changed its been in the last couple of days.Change it back to normal. Hope this helps George new owner and loveing it to death even while being bitten!!!
  2. geowhitt

    the 5746364879686453435TH stafford thread

    Hi all on the site this is my first post,i would like to be a good one but,there is always a but. Most of my life i have rescued gaint schnuazers i have had three my last one died 11mths ago it took me a very long time to get over him. I have a friend who asked if i would look after charlie his afircan grey we said we would to and we have had him for over 5 mths we love him to death and will be gutted when he goes. My friend then said to me his son has a female afircan grey that we can have if we wanted it. So a new large cage was bought,with food,toys,books, for CoCo she is a doll 4yrs old but like any woman can be tempermental,but we stil love her. As for the show well what can i say? for a first timer it was a shock,i could not believe seeing 5 baby greys in a very small carboard box,we spoke to the woman who said one was 13 wks the others were 10 wks and while we were there she hand fed them yoghurt from a spoon, it was not the greys in the box on the table it was the ones under the table that shocked us,small boxes not ones i would use to keep birds. We also seen others in boxes under tables and not happy. If its a bird show then the birds have to come FIRST thier safety and wellbeing. I thought the show was a market for birds thats what it looked like,and some of the smaller birds were in boxes no bigger than a shoe box. As i have a lot to learn and a lot i wish to learn i will go again,and i would hope to make friends with some of you on the site.