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  1. Miaco510 said: When people hand a bird over it is clearly stated in the paperwork (Bird Donation Advice Sheet) what can and will happen. This is then signed by the person. ??? I never saw anything and was not asked to sign anything.
  2. Jebirds, It actually makes me feel sick. I don't really know what to do, I support the NPS every year, but should I now stop sending them money ?. I can't take my bird back & if I stop sending money it will feel as if I'm abandoning her (no doubt some people feel that I already have). I find it very confusing & deeply depressing. I wish I had had the space to have given her an aviary to live the rest of her days in.
  3. This is very depressing. I've always wanted to give the NPS the benefit of the doubt & have supported them by sending money, but I find the decision to breed birds totally idiotic. I feel liked I've been tricked. They will probably lose a lot of support now. Why are they being so stupid ?
  4. Jebirds, I find your assumption, that I'm going to make excuses for NPS breeding birds, baffling. I am totally against breeding (see my last post, doh !!). For a rescue centre to breed birds is idiotic.
  5. David, No I haven't been back to see the bird I gave to the NPS. I did not give a "cuddly tame" human-imprinted Grey, that had been my loving companion for 20 years. I gave a possibly wild caught, (or at best aviary bird), which had been living with me, obviously very unhappily for several months. Everybody told me that I was doing the best thing for my bird by giving it to the NPS. I consulted people at an Animal Rescue Charity, the RSPB & even Rosemary Low. So, I think I did the right thing. I have not been back to see the bird because it would upset me too much. Please don't try to make me feel guilty because I do not think I have anything to feel guilty about. As you made it personal, may I suggest that you, as a breeder, do have something to feel guilty about; adding to the numbers of parrots in this country when there are already so many in rescue centres is pretty dumb and pretty cruel. Perhaps "guilt" is why you are so anti- NPS. Or perhaps not. Don't judge me & I'll not judge you. I'll be getting my parrot advice from a different forum in future.
  6. Pippy, that's a brilliant, albeit depressing, analogy.
  7. :oops: :oops: Tact was never my strong point......
  8. Why don't you wait until you can spend more time at home. Don't just get a parrot because you WANT one. Think about the poor bird, not yourself. Sorry, but I think somebody had to say this. :oops:
  9. I noticed that comedian too :roll:
  10. That is a good video, every garden centre or pet shop that sells parrots should have that showing on a loop. They should add a little section on poo though :shock: just to show how much and how far it can travel
  11. You know what, forget what I said. Don't go. If you're getting scared; don't go. Instinct is as good a thing to act on as anything.
  12. Pippy has a point, and make sure there's somebody in the house, don't leave it empty.
  13. Sounds pretty legit to me. There are so many people making small indie films & stuff for TV. Sounds like they're a very small, low budget set-up because you don't seem to be getting a fee, just expenses. An animal trainer would probably charge by the hour (prob £50 + per hour). They're getting you and your parrot cheap. Go with your instincts though and if it feels dodgy don't go. Or take somebody with you. Edited to add: Just read the Thailand bit and that worries me a little.......don't know why, all those scammers seem to be based in the far east...... Oh dear. Don't know what to say now!!
  14. Kleopatra, Does Kourous actually live in the house or just come into the house during the day ?. If he lives in, do you keep him in a bird room ?. He looks stunning, I've never seen a domestic Pheasant before !!!
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