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  1. Thanks people you have been great !! Another question for you though, (sorry your probably sick of the sight of me now)...... I was told today that if we bought a bredding pair of birds, (any birds), if we don't physically take the eggs away from them before they are hatched they will only have upto four batches of eggs in their lifetime ?? Is this true THANKS AGAIN mwah xxx
  2. Ok thanks, how many years will they continue to lay and breed then Is there a stop off point Thanks !!!
  3. Could you tell me at what age a parrot becomes sexually mature, does this differ between different breeds of birds ? And for how many years are they able to breed ? Thanks !!
  4. I have to say, I dont recall ever being a member on a site that has so many of us Cornish on !!!!
  5. Bargain !!! Well done you !! Your birds are gonna love you even more now
  6. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always a good start !!
  7. WOW, I can't believe there are so many of us Cornish folk out there!!! Nice to meet you both xxx
  8. Thanks, i have just ordered a test kit. Not sure if I will be brave enough to pull his feathers though..........
  9. Any signs Pictures are great by the way !! great job xxx
  10. We are thinking of getting a 'lad' Billy (an amazon) tested to see if 'he' really a 'he' or not :shock: I don't really know a great deal about this, so any advice/comments would be fantastic!! Can we get any sort of kit to do it ourselves?? Or is it defo a vet's job :roll: Thanks!!
  11. Where do you all buy your parrots toys I bought a bulk lot about 12 months ago from a site that has now stopped selling toys, but thankfully our Amazon has only now got down to his last one. So now I am on the search for news toys, new sites....... Anywhere that deserves a mention He is pretty clever at distruction, so hard wearing toys, maybe even some puzzle type ones would be good too, at reasonable prices though, I don't like being ripped off !!!!!!!
  12. Our bird is called billy, although we aren't sure if 'he' is a he or a she
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