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  1. Hi and thanks for the replys so far. Basically I work very odd hours, always changing. For example I have been home for 2 days now, but am now working 5 night shifts. Thats 9pm - 9am then I will sleep until 4/5pm, get up walk dogs, then have him out whilst I cook and eat. Next week I will have a few days off then could be on early or lates, but its never the same. No routine. Its not likely to be either, I am just in that type of job!! I do have someone to come in to see to the dogs and may spend 1/2 hour in the same room as Ikarus (the main living room) but he darnt let him out. Whlist I am around he is out with me a lot, he can fly around freely, but tends more and more to just want to be tucked under my chin! For a normal working day it does only tend to be an hour or two. Whislt making the noise providing I am still he will tend to hunch up and put his wings out slightly, but if he is on me and im moving about he will carry on regardless. He was happy just to be in the same room, now she seems desperate for cuddles & attention. Ohh dear, I dont mind learning by trial and error, but feel so sad for this inteligent little charector, with no one but the dog for company!
  2. Well, I said in my introduction I am struggling as a novice owner of a beautiful grey baby. I got him (?) in April 07 as a 9 week old hand reared, from a local shop I know well. They have a few babies each year from a local small breeder. I know many of the previous birds to be healthy, happy and sociable. This one is no exception. I know he was a very young baby, although he has no ring, hatch certificate or ID of any kind, but he was one of 3 and the last one left so ‘plucked’ at my heart. My concerns before I committed to him, was about he fact my son was about to leave home and I am out working for long hours. I was worried about his social stimulation and training. Of course I was reassured he would be fine…………But I am now not so sure. I have done what I can for him. I brought a HUGE cage (see pics) and quality toys that I rotate and change regularly. As soon as I get up he calls to me (whistles) I say good-morning, spend 5 mins with him, open the curtains and window, give him a stroke, food etc then leave the tv on for him. After work (shifts) I always let him out and spend time again talking to him and he comes in the kitchen, flys around the house etc. He is a good mimic with the cats, ducks and whistles and not shy in any way. However, he has got more and more clingy, now wont do anything away from me if he is loose. He has to be sitting on me. If not loose he is frantic to get out to be with me. Also ALL the time now, when with me he makes the same noise, like a quiet churp but constantly. Its like he is asking for something, food, water or attention. (mating?) He looks at me desperately and seems to just cry..... constantly...until I have to leave the room. I feel very frustrated, I just don’t think I have the time to give him that he needs, I feel like I am letting him down and am stuck to know what to do from here. Should I try to find him another home with someone that can give him more attention whilst he is still young and very silly tame and cuddly? Is it because he is young and needs something I have overlooked? Do I need to put more into training him to get him interested in amusing himself? Am I being cruel keeping him by himself? I know they are sociable by nature, but I feel if I don’t have time for one, 2 would be double-cruel. I am sorry if these questions sound ridiculous and naieve, I keep many animals successfully, (most of which he interacts with) and I thought I had researched these beautiful intelligent creatures enough before buying him, but now I doubt myself and want to do the right thing by him. Is this a common problem? An attachment issue? Part of growling up for him? Or completely normal and my problem? Any help for suggestions welcome. (ps He has a pre-mixed parrot food, supplemented with lots of fresh fruit, cooked and raw veg, occasional fish and chicken, millet sprays and cuttle fish. Daily fresh water and sometimes orange juice)
  3. Wow I wonder if I can train him to catch fly's, that could be handy!! :-) Good to know a bit of meat is ok, he does enjoy it, specially the fish (salmon and tuna mostly) Thanks
  4. No...on second thoughts...I thought it was funny to whistle The Good The Bad and the Ugly theme tune at him a few times……now its his favourite! When he hears me get up he does the first bit, and waits for me to finish it. Me….Mad?? Nooooooo lolol
  5. WOW :shock: :shock: I have GOT to get them, every episode....I could be in Monkey-heaven. And could teach Ikarus some of the sayings and the song!!! :twisted: :wink:
  6. I offer Ikarus a wide variety of foods, a basic dried mixed parrot food, and masses of fresh fruit and veggies, cooked and raw, he enjoys a fruit smoothie with me in the mornings. However...I recently cooked up some freezer burnt fish fingers for the dog, left them to cool and he flew over and devoured loads of them!! (carefully peeling the coating off and just munching the fish) Since then he has nicked fish off my plate a few times, gulping it down and tonight went bezerk for chicken (which I gave him and he scoffed like nothing else) Is this normal? Safe? I always assumed they were vegetarians, and whilst I dont mind, I dont want to make him ill. (poo is now a bit yellow and runny!!) :evil:
  7. Ikarus will do anything for dried banana, this can be broken into smaller pieces for training.
  8. Hold on....a bald transvestite priest....what am I saying?? :? :roll: :wink:
  9. Thats it!! :shock: thats me on the horse :twisted:
  10. 'The nature of Monkey was irrepressible'!! :wink:
  11. Thanks all, Just trying to get some photos onto photobucket!! :-)
  12. Hello everyone, I have been browsing the forum for a while now looking for advice and information…most of which I have found….so I thought I would stop lerking around, and join properly. I am struggling being a novice owner of a 5 month old African Grey. He (I think) is silly tame and cuddly…perhaps too much and spoilt rotten. I have a lot to learn but I think I may be in the right place now. I look forward to posting more soon Tripitaka and Ikarus
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