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  1. My Godmother has lived in Ruishton all her life. I was there all last weekend!! I will tell her about your baby and ask her to ask her friends to let her know if they hear or see anything. Ali
  2. Yes, you can venetian blinds from any curtain place really. The cost depends on the quality of blinds you want. I think IKEA do them as well. Choose a blind company to come out and give you a no obligation quote to give you an idea. Ali
  3. I had metal Venetian ones. You can have them open or closed or up out of the way completely or you can angle them to deflect the sun's rays. I think they're great. Also when they're down and fully open it doesn't spoil the view at all. It's made my conservatory a lot cooler and I would imagine it will be warmer in the Winter too. Ali
  4. Hi there, My blinds arrived yesterday, just in time for the sun!! I can now use my conservatory as it's no longer too hot in there. I just close the blinds where the sun is, it's fab. Great choice!! Well done me!!!! Ali
  5. The New Jersey is 86cms wide, that's only 4cms less than the Hacienda and thats wide enough for a CAG!! THe NJ is 155cms high and the Hacienda is 165cms. The NJ is 55cms deep and the Hacienda is 70cms that's where the major difference is. I like the NJ because it doesn't protrude too far into the room unlike the Hacienda which was far too big for my room and my room is massive!! Just to confuse you, the Haiti has the same dimensions as the NJ except the NJ is 20cms wider at 86cms and the Haiti is 66cms. See, you can see how much trouble I went to to get the right cage. I'm now a bit of a cage geek!! Ali
  6. I don't see a problem with putting a grey in it, but that's just my opinion. It's a big cage. I'm hoping to have two Alexandrines in mine eventually... The difference witht the New Jersey is it's not as deep as other cages but it's quite tall and very wide. Also the actual inside of the cage is a lot lower than other cages, in other words, you don't get long legs on this cage, it's actual cage! I hope that's not as clear as mud!!! It's a fab cage. If you look at my photo you can just about see Mango and he's not a little bird!! Alison
  7. Hiya, I've got the Antique silver one which is almost black. Ali Sent you PM with all the info.
  8. I ordered a Hacienda but when it was delivered it was faulty!! My Alexandrine didn't like it anyway, I think it was too big for him. They are huge. Anyway, I had a New Jersey instead. It's a fab cage, really roomy and I will definitely have another one!! Hope this helps in some way... Ali
  9. Hi ya, My vet tested my new birdie for Salmonella, Pssitacosis and Campylobacter by using poo samples that I had to collect every day for 3 days. He said these were the main diseases I should be worrying about. This cost me £52 and the results took 10 - 14 days. The vet said it was only worth testing for treatable diseases unless I was going to euthanize the bird if it had a none treatable disease or never let it come into contact with any other bird. I too kept him in quarantine for 30 days. All tests were negative Ali
  10. Thanks for all the advise, I'm just waiting for the blinds to be fitted any day now
  11. Hi there, I've ordered venetian blinds. This will keep most of the heat out. It's not going to be easy as the sun is on the conservatory all afternoon!! I don't think I'll ever be able to let the birds live in there but at least with the blinds they will be able to spend a lot more time flying around in there and having fun I'll let you know how I get on. Ali
  12. I've got the conservatory blind man coming out this afternoon so I'll see what he has to say. Ali
  13. Thank you, that's very interesting, gona get the OH to have a look. Thank you very muchly Ali
  14. Oh how gorgeous, I love Eclectus, what fab photo's. Ali
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